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Spectacular Spider-Man, Pt. 2 English Subtitles

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  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
  • Produced by: Spectacular Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man, Pt. 2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-13

Title Downloads D2 Description
1. Blueprints Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:37
2. Destructive Testing Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:36
3. Reinforcement Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:36
4. Shear Strength Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:36
5. First Steps Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:37
6. Growing Pains Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:36
7. Identity Crisis Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:37
8. Accomplices Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:06
9. Probable Cause Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:06
10. Gangland Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:06
11. Subtext Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:08
12. Opening Night Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:07
13. Final Curtain Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:07

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Peter Parker continues to balance the challenges of being a teenage boy with those of being a superhero as he fights foes both old and new in Season 2 of <i>Spectacular Spider-Man</i>. Though he’s come to grips with his role as Spider-Man, Peter Parker still has a lot to learn about being a teenage boy. With both Gwen Stacey and Liz Allen vying for his attention, Peter continues battling the sinister forces that loom large over New York City. From well-known enemies like Sandman and Venom to new foes including Mysterio and Kraven, Peter must protect his family, his friends — and himself — against evil forces whose aim is nothing less than world domination. Against the backdrop of a crime fighter’s life, Peter discovers the joy of a first kiss as he tries to decide between two girls who love him. But his love life must inevitably take a backseat as warring gangs battle for control of New York’s underworld. Yet through it all, Peter still tries to find time to be a normal teenager — or at least as normal as the responsibilities of a superhero’s life will allow.

Viewer Reviews

  • Great show!

    By The_guitarist101

    Season two is great I hope one day we get more seasons for this show
  • Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2

    By Jay W. Y

  • Only two seasons??????

    By FerretGamer122

    I need to see what happens after the last episode of S2!!!!!!!!
  • Another season please!😩

    By ginaandjohnhook

    This show was so good. This show has everything that makes Spidey awesome!
  • HD version please!!!

    By Wolf723

    I love this show and really wanna watch it in HD. So please iTunes release an HD version of the show. I’ll pay for a complete HD version of the show.
  • Good way of interpreting the character and is just awesome

    By Axel Guzman-Favela

    This season of the spectacular spider man was simply very good. The reason for this was that it not only focused on spider man but it also focused on Peter Parker himself. Another thing that I really liked was that in some episodes it gives us a hint of what is coming next. The only bad thing about this season or tv show as a matter of fact was that it didn’t have a third season.

    By Whailz62

  • This is one of my favorite shows

    By Sonnyrock1

    Good show Great episodes
  • Amazing show

    By KillaGator6

    Love this show glad they have both seasons just wish they could reboot it or something highly recommend this show to anybody interested in watching a Spider-Man series

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