Grey's Anatomy, Season 5 subtitles

Grey's Anatomy, Season 5 English Subtitles

Genre: Drama

Rated 8.1 From 4810 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2007-09-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 24
  • Produced by: Grey's Anatomy

Even in a place where the skies are mostly cloudy and gray, you can still find a silver lining at Seattle Grace Hospital. Things are definitely looking up in Season 5 of this fan favorite. Careers are made, friendships are solidified, and casual dating turns into full-blown relationships, but not without a few bumps and broken hearts along the way. While America’s favorite doctors grow up and prepare to face their future — whatever it may bring — they have to deal with some stumbling blocks of their own as these former students teach their own interns. Everything’s on the table this season in the series that examines the fast-paced world of the operating room, while delivering a perfect slice of emotional life.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 5 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-24

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Dream a Little Dream of Me, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:25 Meredith and Derek rediscover the morning-after side of their relationship; the chief learns the hospital has slipped in the national rankings.
2. Dream a Little Dream of Me, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Meredith and Derek rediscover the morning-after side of their relationship; the chief learns the hospital has slipped in the national rankings.
3. Here Comes the Flood Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 The hospital has a pipe break which causes a huge flood; Meredith quits therapy but Dr. Wyatt doesn't believe she is finished.
4. Brave New World Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Tension arises between Derek and Meredith's mother; Cristina is mesmerized by the lifestyle of working in the dermatology wing.
5. There's No "I" In Team Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Bailey arranges a domino kidney surgery involving all the residents and interns; Meredith is upset Derek didn't include her in the article on their clinical trial.
6. Life During Wartime Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Major Owen Hunt returns to be the head of ER trauma; Meredith finds an old doll her mother gave her when she was 5.
7. Rise Up Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 With solo surgeries for the residents pending, the interns and residents scramble for practice and a way to prove themselves.
8. These Ties That Bind Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Meredith's old friend, Sadie comes to Seattle Grace making Cristina jealous; Richard looks to woo the new surgeon; the interns start cutting each other to practice their suturing techniques.
9. In the Midnight Hour Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Cristina uses Meredith to get the solo surgery which Alex is also trolling for; Derek discovers he has a form of epilepsy; the interns perform surgery on Sadie which goes terribly awry, exposing their little club.
10. All By Myself Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Cristina is unanimously picked by the attendings for the first solo surgery, but is unable to do so due to her punishment from the Chief; Bailey tries to help Mark rebuild the voice box in a woman who has not been able to speak in 5 years.
11. Wish You Were Here Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:26 Cristina and Meredith try to put their differences aside to treat a prisoner on death row with a serious brain injury; Bailey is put on her heels by a new pediatric surgeon.
12. Sympathy for the Devil Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Derek's mother arrives in Seattle and meets Meredith for the first time; the patient on death row wants to donate his organs to Bailey's young patient, Jackson; Callie has a patient who had surgery to make him taller, only it caused massive infections in his legs; Owen asks Cristina out on a date.
13. Stairway to Heaven Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Bailey's patient, Jackson, continues to get worse; Callie catches Owen in Cristina's bedroom; after a big blowout fight, Izzie is forced to face the truth about what is going on.
14. Beat Your Heart Out Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Derek searches for the best way to propose to Meredith; Callie tries to convince Mark not to blow his chance at real love with Lexie, despite his fear of Derek finding out; Izzie learns she has anemia.
15. Before and After Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Addison, Naomi and Sam rush Archer to Seattle Grace to try and save his life; Owen runs into a significant someone from his past; Izzie employs her fellow doctors in a medical game to teach the interns.
16. An Honest Mistake Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Tragedy strikes when Derek loses a pregnant patient with an aneurysm during surgery and Addison must deliver the premature baby; Izzie learns she does not have anemia as she first thought, but something much worse.
17. I Will Follow You Into the Dark Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Derek is being sued for malpractice and stays in a depressed state at Meredith's; Alex has an epileptic girl who's most recent seizure caused heart failure; Adele tries to help settle issues between Richard and Bailey.
18. Stand By Me Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Cristina tells Alex and Bailey about Izzie's condition; Mark is doing a face transplant on a patient and Owen and Alex are the donor gathering team; Bailey sends Callie after Derek to bring him back and Callie ends up staying in his vortex of self-pity.
19. Elevator Love Letter Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Derek prepares to perform his first surgery since his breakdown; Owen has a PTSD episode which injures Cristina and puts their relationship in jeopardy.
20. Sweet Surrender Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Izzie continues helping to plan Derek and Meredith's wedding in spite of her cancer treatments; things don't go smoothly when Callie introduces Arizona to her father; Owen seeks out help for his post-traumatic stress disorder.
21. No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance) Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Izzie's mother arrives at Seattle Grace; Meredith and Lexie receive a visit from their apologetic father; Meredith and the Chief argue about a case.
22. What a Difference a Day Makes Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:31 A group of college students are rushed to Seattle Grace following a serious car crash on their way to the graduation ceremonies; Izzie continues feeling similar symptoms.
23. Here's to Future Days Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Izzie decides to undergo cancer surgery; Mark prepares to move forward with Lexie; Bailey finds out if she gets a pediatric fellowship; the Seattle Grace doctors team up following a car accident.
24. Now or Never Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 Izzie decides to undergo cancer surgery; Mark prepares to move forward with Lexie; Bailey finds out if she gets a pediatric fellowship; the Seattle Grace doctors team up following a car accident.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Amazing show

    By justintimefortheparty

    Just as good as the other seasons. Looking for something dramatic and addicting? This is the show then. I love it!
  • Grey's: Best Showon Earth

    By MeganGreysYolo

    Grey's Anatomy is the best show on Earth. It is filled with everything you would want in a show. I can not stop watching it. The first seasons are the best!
  • By far the best!

    By 06rowdy

    I have seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy, and I absolutely love it. This is by far the best season that definitely sets the line for an amazing cast and plot to each and every episode this series has to offer. "A Difference A Day Makes" was an amazing episode and brought tears to my eyes. I will never forget how much this show moves me!
  • season 5=love<3

    By hghjjbdhjd

    although i usually am very partial and only like seasons depending on how many merder scenes there are, i seem to love this one for some reason regardless. Season 5 i think is my 2nd favorite season after the 3rd. This season had excellent writing and as always, great acting! I was skeptical of arizonas presence at first, but grew to love her! I definatly LOVE the episodes when derek quit, his acting is just phenominal; i dont know why this one didn't get an award. I was though, very sad to find out that it was George and Izzie's last season (well full season). As difficult as it is for me to say, after this season, grey's definatly does make a turn for the worst. But if anyone was second gurssing whether or not to download/rent this season..i say definatly invest your time and money into this amazing season!!<3
  • Patrick Dempsey(:

    By amazing181

    I am completly in love with greys anatomy! I watch the reruns on lifetime daily and the new ones abc. It's an amazing show with an excellent story line. I can't get enough of it. Meredith and derek are an amazing couple and I love their post it note wedding!
  • Ending song on "stairway to heaven"

    By ~Saige

    ok on the episode "stairway to heaven"...what is the ending song.??? becuase i love that song now.. and i cant find it..
  • More and more

    By One fish

    Everytime I watch greys I need to watch more and more.. It is such a great show.. I hope izzy gets back to OR .. It is nice of her to teach.....
  • Grey's Has Lost Its Way

    By Invalid User Name

    The first three episodes of this season displayed such poor writing, I couldn't finish watching. It is cliched, trite, and old. Grey's has offered everything is is going to offer, and this is just leftovers. They should have gone out while it was a mildly entertaining show. I feel sorry for the actors. Watch ER if you want an excellent medical drama -- that one is far more captivating.
  • Amazingly Good

    By beachloverforever

    This tv show really makes me want to watch more everytime I see it. I usaully watch reruns on lifetime but having my favorite eposides on my ipod really is great. The show has a very strong cast and is not made by the traumas that happen, it't the characters action which make it totally engrossing. Some say it's another medical show that is not realistc, but that is the point. It's about the story not the facts about what is happening. If you are not sure about this show watch the first episode it explains itself.

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