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LOST, Season 6 English Subtitles

Genre: Drama

Rated 7.9 From 2031 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2009-12-21
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 17
  • Produced by: LOST

It became a global television phenomenon; now the epic adventure of ABC's <i>LOST</i> is coming to an end. After Season 5’s explosive finish, everything is up in the air for the survivors of flight 815. No one knows what — or who — the future will hold. Will Juliet’s sacrifice to save her friends work? Can Kate choose, once and for all, between Jack and Sawyer? Will Sun and Jin be reunited? Is it too late to save Claire? Whatever awaits everyone on the island, one thing is for certain — the moment of truth has arrived. Discover the secret living inside Locke, revisit old friends, and see how the powerful, epic struggle between Jacob and the mysterious Man in Black comes to an end. It's the thrilling conclusion of the addictive, mind-bending series.

LOST, Season 6 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-17

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. LA X, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 The aftermath from the detonation of the hydrogen bomb is revealed.
2. LA X, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:54 The aftermath from the detonation of the hydrogen bomb is revealed.
3. What Kate Does Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:58 Kate finds herself on the run; Jack must do something that may endanger a friend's life.
4. The Substitute Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:03 Locke goes in search of help to further his cause.
5. Lighthouse Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:01 Hurley tries to persuade Jack to go with him on an unspecified mission; Jin has an encounter with an old friend.
6. Sundown Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:01 Sayid faces a difficult decision; Claire sends a warning to the temple inhabitants.
7. Dr. Linus Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie.
8. Recon Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:04 John Locke assigns Sawyer a mission.
9. Ab Aeterno Get Subtitle Mirror 2 48:37 Richard must make a difficult decision.
10. The Package Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 Sun and Jin continue to seach for each other; Locke confronts his enemy.
11. Happily Ever After Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:53 Desmond wakes up and realizes he is back on the island.
12. Everybody Loves Hugo Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:36 Hurley agonizes over what the group's next move should be; Locke is curious about the new arrival in his camp.
13. The Last Recruit Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 Alliances are forged and broken as Locke and Jack merge their camps.
14. The Candidate Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 When asked to perform a difficult task, Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke.
15. Across the Sea Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:59 Locke's motives are finally explained.
16. What They Died for Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:05 Locke devises a new strategy; Jack's group searches for Desmond.
17. The End Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:38 One of the most critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking shows of the past decade concludes in this LOST Series Finale Event. The battle lines are drawn as Locke puts his plan into action, which could finally liberate him from the island.

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Viewer Reviews

  • This show is the BEST THING EVER

    By Ali Belle🌸

    After the first time I watched this, I watched it over again! It's that good! It's an amazing show full of characters that you get so attached to that they seem real. Anybody who doesn't like this show has some real problems. It's so great and will always be my favorite tv show!! WATCH THIS. You won't regret it!!
  • Worst ending to an Epic tv show.

    By H0LLYW00D_360

    This is the only time I have hated an ending with passion. Sometimes I think endings are silly and dumb, but it's okay, wrapped it up. Not lost tho. They left you with no answer questions. Made the show seem like nothing that happen even matter and a waste of time.
  • The Bar

    By ErnieG87

    This show set the bar and has kept the bar. Tv is worthless without Lost. Years later and I still can't get enough.
  • .

    By stefany1997

    Best show ever👌
  • Lost

    By Wali1111

    Great tv
  • Best show

    By levinfam

    The saddest finale of a show ever
  • Great

    By aparti1

    Great show
  • Best show ever!

    By JonEwaD

    Best show ever!
  • Review of entire show

    By Celestia G.

    I absolutely love this series, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves adventure. This is a great show if you love hanging on the edge of your seats!!!

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