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Genre: Drama

Rated 7.9 From 2028 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2005-10-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 25
  • Produced by: LOST

Mysteries abound on the first season of <i>LOST</i> as the 48 survivors of Oceanic Air flight 815 find themselves stranded on an unidentified island with little hope of rescue.

LOST, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-25

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Pilot, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:13 A sudden plane crash leaves at least 48 survivors stranded on a jungle island, forced to scavenge for survival from the wreckage of the plane. As they get their bearings and pin their hopes on a quick rescue, the band of strangers begin to learn the island holds deep and dark secrets. A group of strong-willed survivors: Jack, a surgical doctor; Charlie, a former rock star; and the enigmatic Kate venture into the dark heart of the jungle to try and recover the airplane transceiver. But even heroes have secrets, as the survivors will soon learn.
2. Pilot, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:36 The discovery of a transceiver among the plane's wreckage and the thought that rescue could be imminent temporarily raises the castaways' spirits. The island's mysteries continue to baffle with the discovery of handcuffs, a gun, and an animal that shouldn't be able to survive in a tropical climate.
3. Tabula Rasa Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:41 Jack and Hurley discover an alarming secret about Kate, as the marshal's life hangs in the balance. Meanwhile Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Sayid, Boone, and Shannon ponder the island's mysteries they've uncovered and worry that telling the other survivors will cause panic. Locke's befriending of Walt disturbs Michael.
4. Walkabout Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:03 Survivors are jolted awake in the middle of the night when wild island beasts invade the beach encampment. Kate and Michael join the mysterious Locke on a hunt for food as a shocking secret about Locke is revealed. Meanwhile, some survivors are horrified by Jack's plan for the dead bodies still scattered among the wreckage, and Jack sees someone in the jungle who might not have been on the plane.
5. White Rabbit Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:47 Jack is nearly delirious from lack of sleep and struggles to overcome the haunting events that brought him to Australia and, subsequently, to the island. Meanwhile, Boone gets caught in a treacherous riptide, the pregnant Claire's health takes a bad turn, and a thief may have stolen the last bottles of water.
6. House of the Rising Sun Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:07 Walt and the others are shocked when Michael is brutally beaten, but only the non-English-speaking Jin and Sun know the truth behind the attack. Meanwhile Kate, Jack, Sawyer, and Sayid argue about where the survivors should camp – on the beach, where they're more likely to be seen, or in a remote inland valley where fresh water abounds. Locke discovers Charlie's secret.
7. The Moth Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:37 Charlie begins a painful journey of withdrawal from drugs, surprisingly aided by Locke, whose true motive for helping Charlie is a mystery. Meanwhile, survivors struggle to find and free Jack when he's buried alive in a cave collapse. Someone might be secretly thwarting Sayid, Kate, and Boone when they enact a plan to find the source of the French transmission.
8. Confidence Man Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:30 When Shannon suffers an asthma attack, Jack and Sayid realize brutality might be the only way to convince Sawyer to relinquish the life-saving medicine he's hoarding. Meanwhile, Sun struggles to decide if she'll obey husband Jin's orders to stay out of others' affairs. Kate uncovers some shocking secrets about Sawyer.
9. Solitary Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:28 Sayid's life is placed in grave danger after he stumbles upon the source of the mysterious French transmission. Meanwhile, Hurley has a ridiculous plan to make life on the island a little more civilized – and it just might work.
10. Raised By Another Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:06 Jack, Kate, and Charlie wonder if Claire's disturbing nightmares might be coming true to threaten her life and the life of her unborn child. A missing castaway returns with frightening news about what lies just beyond the mountains.
11. All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:30 Survivors wonder why Charlie and the pregnant Claire have been abducted – and by whom – and a search party ventures into the treacherous jungle to try to find and rescue the missing duo. Meanwhile, inner-demons about his father resurface for Jack, and Boone and Locke discover another island mystery.
12. Whatever the Case May Be Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:33 Jack, Kate, and Sawyer fight over possession of a newly discovered locked metal briefcase which might contain insights into Kate's mysterious past. Meanwhile, Sayid asks a reluctant Shannon to translate notes he took from the French woman, a rising tide threatens to engulf the fuselage and the entire beach encampment. Rose and a grieving Charlie tentatively bond over Claire's baffling disappearance.
13. Hearts and Minds Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:36 When Locke learns that Boone wants to tell their "secret" to Shannon, Shannon's life is placed in sudden peril and the shocking truth about her past with Boone is revealed. Meanwhile, Kate is puzzled by Sun's mysterious behavior. A hungry Hurley must repay a debt to Jin.
14. Special Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:33 Violence ensues and a mysterious island beast makes a re-appearance when Michael and Locke clash over Walt's upbringing. Meanwhile, Charlie is tempted to read the missing Claire's diary. Sayid enlists Shannon to help decipher the French woman's map.
15. Homecoming Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:53 After the missing Claire returns with no recollection of what has happened since before the doomed flight of Oceanic 815, Jack and Locke formulate a plan of defense against her kidnapper. The mysterious Ethan threatens to kill off the other survivors unless Claire is returned to him.
16. Outlaws Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:34 Kate and Sawyer divulge dark secrets to each other while tracking a renegade boar that Sawyer swears is purposely harassing him. Meanwhile, Hurley and Sayid worry that Charlie is losing it after his brush with death, and a shocking, prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed.
17. ...In Translation Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:20 When the raft the survivors have been building mysteriously burns down, Michael is convinced that Jin is responsible for the sabotage, which only further escalates their rivalry. Meanwhile, Sun stuns her fellow survivors with a surprising revelation and Boone gives Sayid a warning about Shannon.
18. Numbers Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:24 When Hurley becomes obsessed with the French woman and heads into the jungle to find her, Jack, Sayid, and Charlie have no choice but to follow. Meanwhile, Locke asks Claire to help build a mysterious item.
19. Deus Ex Machina Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:56 Boone becomes concerned when Locke suffers physical problems while they try to find a way into the mysterious hatch. Meanwhile, Jack is reluctant to help when Sawyer starts to experience excruciating headaches. Michael and Jin struggle to communicate while working together on the raft.
20. Do No Harm Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:33 Claire goes into labor while a helpless Charlie goes into panic mode. Meanwhile Locke is missing, Jack tends to a wounded survivor, and Sayid presents Shannon with a romantic surprise.
21. The Greater Good Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:32 After burying one of their own, tempers flare as the castaways' suspicions of each other grow – and an unlikely survivor vows revenge. Meanwhile, Claire and Charlie struggle to calm her newborn.
22. Born to Run Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:33 Jack suspects foul play when Michael becomes violently ill while building the raft. Meanwhile a secret from Kate's past is revealed. The mysterious hatch is shown to a few of the survivors and Walt gives Locke a warning.
23. Exodus, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:35 The French woman – Rousseau – shocks the survivors by showing up with a dire warning about "the others." Meanwhile, Michael and Jin ready the raft for sailing.
24. Exodus, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:25 The castaways on the raft are surprised at sea by something they didn't expect. Meanwhile, remaining islanders try to blow open the hatch. A visitor to the encampment might be a threat to Claire's infant son.
25. Exodus, Pt. 3 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:40 The castaways on the raft are surprised at sea by something they didn't expect. Meanwhile, remaining islanders try to blow open the hatch. A visitor to the encampment might be a threat to Claire's infant son.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Viene en español ?

    By TROY-jarocho

    Vienen en español ?
  • Love it

    By quinn no no no

    Best series ever lost is the best I’m on season 6 wacky seasons I can’t wait to see it end soon sad they have to end it 🥺🥺🥺🥺
  • Awesome

    By shack2434

    One of the best created shows on tv
  • Amazing, just amazing

    By juniper. d 😍

    Don’t worry. No spoilers. Love it all the way. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Way over-rated

    By Raven's Gate

    This show starts off cool, with a mysterious situation and a group of stranded strangers. But it quickly gets old as the mysteries never really gets explained and new random elements keep getting added to it with no real rhyme or reason. On top of that, I ended up either not caring about or disliking most of the main characters. I only made it halfway through season 2, but I looked up the rest of the show's plot because I was curious...It gets more and more ridiculous with sci-fi elements that are outside this show's genre and just don't belong.
  • Amazing

    By Miss Marathon County Jr.teen

    Best thing I have EVER seen! I love this show so much that I am going to watch it again after I finish season 6 (8 episodes left😩😢) The best part about the series the the suspense in each scene and in each character there is something different each episode! I also love the music A LOT!! I bought the whole 6 albums of song I love them so much! You should definitely watch it! It’s amazing!
  • one star for crappy ending

    By a123r

    one star for crappy ending
  • Huuhuy by NIH juice bpe

    By bhuubu

    Uh I uu just uhuu. Hi hB u u h bbB.bB. busy us hhu by u ur B.B.bhbh h b hh j. Ur bump hBubbubbhuuojh bun uhhuhujj hun huuihhnubiniuuhubju. Hnhjbubuu uuu uibnihuu uhbbuh
  • Crazy show!

    By JosiahMagnet

    Just finished the first season last night! Leaves you wanting more for sure! Glad that there are five more seasons.

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