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Genre: Drama

Rated 8.1 From 2104 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2010-09-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 16
  • Produced by: Dexter

Michael C. Hall returns for the most highly anticipated season of DEXTER yet. After one of the most explosive, jaw-dropping season finales in television history, Dexter’s carefully constructed life is left in shambles. America’s favorite serial killer is going to need all of his sharpest instincts and a steely determination to survive, because he now knows one thing for sure – guilt can be a killer.

Dexter, Season 5 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-16

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. My Bad Get Subtitle Mirror 2 54:26 In the aftermath of last season’s chilling season finale, Rita’s death has left Dexter feeling responsible, possibly even…guilty. Unable to deal with the trauma, Dexter makes a drastic decision that will impact everyone around him. Quinn stirs up trouble at the station when he notes that Rita’s murder, which is being pinned on the Trinity Killer, doesn’t fit his normal murder profile. Things get even more heated when Quinn suggests to LaGuerta that they look at the husband: Dexter Morgan. Meanwhile, Quinn offers Debra much needed support, causing her to see Quinn in a new light.
2. Hello Bandit Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:49 In his new role as single father, an anxious Dexter tries to get his family’s routine back on track, to begin the process of moving on from Rita’s death. Dexter attempts to focus all his attention on the kids while curbing his dark urges. But when evidence of foul play falls into his lap, Dexter makes a horrific discovery, setting Dexter on the trail of his next victim. Debra, trying to be the good sister, shares her apartment with Dexter and the kids only to find there’s no room for her. She unhappily finds herself on Quinn’s doorstep. Miami Metro has their work cut out when a grisly scene is found in a Venezuelan neighborhood.
3. Practically Perfect Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:04 Dexter finds himself in a strange new world when he attempts to hire a nanny for Harrison so he can continue to stalk and kill his next victim. Meanwhile, Debra, who takes the lead on a bizarre double homicide, is displeased when Batista suggests bringing in an annoying rookie officer who has her own theories on the case. Things heat up for Dexter when Quinn notices strange similarities between Trinity Killer suspect, ‘Kyle Butler’ and Dexter Morgan.
4. Beauty and the Beast Get Subtitle Mirror 2 50:37 Dexter finds himself in a strange situation when, instead of taking a life, he has to save one. Deb has a scary confrontation with a key suspect in the Santa Muerte murder cases. Quinn continues following up on the strange similarities between 'Kyle Butler' and Dexter Morgan.
5. First Blood Get Subtitle Mirror 2 50:56 When Dexter is saddled with an unwanted conspirator, he is forced to make some hard decisions about her fate. Meanwhile, Dexter wonders if Rita’s death has awakened a darkness inside Harrison. Due to Quinn’s recent suspension, Debra works the Santa Muerte case alone, leaving Quinn time to enlist an old friend to look into Dexter.
6. Everything Is Illumenated Get Subtitle Mirror 2 50:26 Trying to get his life back on track, Dexter hunts a new target, but is distracted and drawn into a precarious situation while helping his troubled acquaintance. Batista discovers an interesting lead in the Santa Muerte murder cases. Quinn learns some new information about Dexter from a questionable source.
7. Circle Us Get Subtitle Mirror 2 48:12 While helping Lumen, Dexter finds himself on a collision course with Debra and the rest of Homicide when he is called to investigate a horrifying crime scene. Meanwhile, the Santa Muerte case leads to a violent standoff between Debra and the Santa Muerte killers.
8. Take It Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:26 While attending a self-help seminar, Dexter and Lumen vet and stalk a violent killer. Debra gets into some unexpected trouble from the fallout of the Santa Muerte case, forcing Batista to make a difficult decision.
9. Teenage Wasteland Get Subtitle Mirror 2 55:01 While in the midst of hunting down their next victim, Dexter and Lumen are surprised by the return of an unannounced guest. Debra is assigned to the file room, but still manages to uncover new evidence in the Barrel Girl case.
10. In the Beginning Get Subtitle Mirror 2 54:00 Just as Dexter discovers a possible ally in the pursuit of Lumen's former captors, he and Lumen are forced to step down as Homicide uncovers some key evidence linked to one of their prior victims. Debra, who's been reassigned to the Barrel Girls murders, positively identifies two more suspects in the case.
11. Hop a Freighter Get Subtitle Mirror 2 47:16 Dexter and Lumen’s plans are momentarily thwarted when Dexter’s forced to do damage control after he concedes that someone, outside of Miami Metro, has taken an interest in them. Debra’s speculation on the missing Barrel Girl suspects begins to take shape. Quinn finds himself more involved in a homicide than he'd like to be.
12. The Big One Get Subtitle Mirror 2 55:47 In the season finale, Dexter’s situation grows desperate when he discovers that Lumen’s been set up. Despite knowing he’s being baited into a trap, Dexter risks everything to make sure he doesn't fall into the same mistake again. In the Barrel Girls case, Debra lets her personal feelings lead her instincts once she concludes that vigilantes are more than just a theory. Quinn finds himself in a troublesome situation, which only Dexter can help him out of.
13. Dexter: SHOriginal Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:05 A behind the scenes look at Season 5 of the Showtime Original Series, Dexter, featuring interviews with cast, including Michael C. Hall and special guest star Julia Stiles.
14. The Writers Room Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:10 The writers of Dexter discuss last year's finale and how it impacted the development of season five.
15. The Kill Room Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:20 The cast and crew talk about Dexter's sacred world, the kill room and give a behind the scenes look at how the sets are put together.
16. Julia Stiles Reflecting On Season Five Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:21 Julia Stiles discusses the end of her character's relationship with Dexter.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Should have ended last season.

    By JonEwaD

    This season marks the beginning of a downward spiral. Stop watching after season 4.
  • I miss Julie Benz!!!

    By Lucky Spacetramp

    Same plot could have been done with her. Only much better!

    By Max Waldorf

    I'm a BIG FAN of this show! With each season, Dexter becomes more and more incredible! And after the finale of each season, I need vodka, because this show makes me so nervous!
  • Need season 6

    By Hard hitter

    I am a big Dexter fan as well, but I really do wanna see the travis as the doomsday killer, he is my fave villiain. So itunes release season 6, ill buy it in a heartbeat :)
  • WHAT!!!

    By Where is dexter???

    Dude where is season 6 ALREADY!!!
  • Dexter Rules!!!

    By Sick video

    Season Five Was Intense!!! Season Six Was MORE Intense. Cant Wait Till Sept. 30 !!!
  • Season is awesome, release schedule is terrible

    By Thoth-Amon

    I can't rate down this season because of the underlying network's terrible policy about releases. The season is really great, as are all seasons of Dexter. I can, however, tell Showtime that as a paying customer with money in hand, ready to buy the show from iTunes, if I do not have that option, I will find other ways to watch the show, ways that will not reward Showtime for making it difficult for me to be a paying customer. I hope that message was not too subtle for Showtime executives. Make your shows available on iTunes as soon as they play on the air! Otherwise you will be punished in the marketplace, and rapidly. Clear?
  • Still great.

    By cinPod

    I was worried about the series at first, but after watching more episodes I realized Dexter is as great as it always was.
  • No say!?!?

    By Cobrattack

    Seriously, you really think the largest company for movie and tv show on demand (iTunes) has no say at all? Hahaha. The same networks have shows on iTunes while they are airing so guess again. Personally since they are waiting I'm gonna just buy it on blueray at the same time so I don't have to deal with "network connection" issues. The only reason to get shows on iTunes rather than blueray is to get them sooner.

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