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Genre: Reality & Nonfiction

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  • Release Date: 2013-07-01
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Below Deck

The series follows a group of crew members living and working aboard "Honor," a 164' mega-yacht. The upstairs and downstairs worlds collide when this young and single crew, known as "yachties," live, love, and work together on-board the luxurious, privately-owned yacht while tending to the ever-changing needs of their wealthy, demanding charter guests. While each crew member brings a different level of experience, they all share a love for this lifestyle that enables them to travel to some of the most beautiful and exotic locales in the world. Each episode features a different set of charter guests moving onto the boat from millionaires, to entertainers to hard-partying groups of well-heeled friends.

Below Deck, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. All Hands On Deck Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:32 Eight young, single crewmembers meet one another for the first time aboard the luxury yacht Honor as it prepares to set sail from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin. It'll be high drama on the high seas as these eight 'yachties' live, love and work together for the long charter-season, tending to the ever-changing needs of their demanding charter guests. But navigating the interpersonal politics of life onboard will be anything but smooth sailing.
2. Cool Your Jets Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 The Honor crew welcomes their first group of charter guests; a gaggle of flamboyant fashion photographers who prove to be a boatload of trouble. Kat makes a shocking discovery that forces her into an agonizing decision; should she rat out the guests and ruin the charter, or risk serious consequences by turning a blind-eye? Adrienne chews out Sam for failing to respect her authority, but Sam refuses to back down and the two stews butt heads.
3. It's Not Easy Being Green Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 The crew enjoys a night out, but Kat enjoys a few too many cocktails. Meanwhile, the new charter guests, a wealthy hypnotist and his friends, come aboard and their special dietary demands tax the crew to the breaking point. After drilling Kat and Sam especially hard, the uptight Adrienne agrees to a hypnotherapy session that will hopefully chill her out.
4. Luggage, Luggage Everywhere Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 In the aftermath of their hook-up the night before, Sam and CJ are now unsure about the nature of their relationship. After an onboard alarm catches the crew off-guard, Captain Lee comes down hard on Aleks. The new charter guests are friends of Adrienne's, and to nobody's surprise, their annoying behavior makes life difficult for the crew, especially Ben and Sam. When a charter guest is highly inappropriate with Kat, her reaction to it puts her in very hot water with Captain Lee.
5. I'm Living With the Devil Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 Kat continues to deal with the obnoxious charter guests who have been very inappropriate with her. CJ tells Sam he has feelings for her, but isn't sure that Sam feels the same way. Adrienne, Kat and Sam have a heated argument about the division of labor on the boat. With her job on the line, Kat is forced to admit an embarrassing secret to Captain Lee. When the crew gets a night out, Sam sets her sights on a few attractive guys in the bar, but CJ is having none of it and does whatever he can to derail her flirting.
6. Drinking With the Enemy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 At this point, Kat is completely fed-up with Adrienne and begins hatching a plan to switch rooms in order get away from her nemesis. The charter guests throw the crew into a frenzy when they decide at the last minute to have an onboard wedding. Ben's temperamental moodiness is starting to rub some of his fellow crewmates the wrong way. All the romance on the boat is making David very homesick for his fiancée Trevor – and the time apart is making David question whether yachting is the life for him. Adrienne is feeling ostracized by her crewmates, and it's taking its toll – will she make it, or is she on the verge of breaking down?
7. Naughty Yachties Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 Because of an unexpected charter cancellation the crew is left to their own devices for a few days. Unfortunately, Captain Lee has his own plans about how those days should be spent. When the captain sets up a surprise fire drill, Aleks takes the heat for the ill-prepared crew. One night the crew enjoys a nice beachside dinner off the yacht, but the boisterous shenanigans of a few leave Eddie and David fuming. Much to Kat's chagrin, Adrienne and Ben seem to be getting very close and when Kat puts her feelings out there for Ben to see, she alienates him even more. And when she launches a drunken rebellion against the Captain, it may very well cost her job.
8. There's a New Captain In Town Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 CJ's a rebel without a clue and everyone's starting to take notice. When he outwardly defies both Aleks and Lee, he must suffer the consequences. Kat tries to figure out exactly where she stands with Ben, but Ben has a serious issue with the amount Kat drinks. Despite her better judgment, Sam devises a plan to spend some alone time with CJ while the rest of the crew toils. The secret rendezvous blows up in their faces - threatening to destroy close friendships and leaving their jobs hanging in the balance.
9. Land Ahoy...Finally Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 It's the crew's final charter and they're sea weary and ready for the charter season to end, but their spirits pick up when a group of fun and energetic female charter guests come aboard with energy to spare. Adrienne's overly friendly, overtly flirty attitude toward the guests causes the rest of the crew to mock her mercilessly. The shocking, unexpected departure of one of the crewmembers leaves the staff reeling, but with one last charter ahead they'll need to put their egos aside and work together to make this a smooth trip. After butting heads with nearly every person onboard, Adrienne finally reaches her breaking point.
10. Reunion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, the reunion brings Adrienne Gang, Aleks Taldykin, Ben Robinson, C.J. Lebeau, David Bradberry, Eddie Lucas, Kat Held and Sam Orme to discuss some of the most talked about antics of the first season. Captain Lee also joins the crew to give his perspective on this season's charters.
11. The Crew Tells All Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 Lost footage from the first season is revealed with never before seen cast interviews. Get a closer look at the outrageous hijinks of the charter guests and crew with Below Deck’s "The Crew Tells All."

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Viewer Reviews

  • Below Deck S1

    By Nikos2469

    Great show and crew ! Thanks for laughs , love Kat and Sam :) buddy ! Slow down where is fire ! Love it !
  • Missing Episode!

    By Jilly2479

    What's going on iTunes people??!! Episode "Dude, that's a Dude Dude" aired on July 15th!! And it's STILL not up. I bought season pass and never got to see this episode. And even if I did, the point is it should be available. Going to be 2 months almost now. Come on. Many others have said the same thing!
  • where them episodes at?

    By goodbyBrandyhelloVenus

  • Why the missing episode? Lawsuit? Mistake? Bravo in above their heads?

    By iTune Guitars

    The episode numbering, the behind the scenes removal of an episode (Dude that's a dude) - are we the customers considered idiots? They got our attention, aired the shows , we buy them, so stand and deliver .
  • I love this show!!

    By Etmac776629

    Love the show, love the cast, can't wait for more!!!

    By okgirl0000

    this show and a couple others will not let you do standard dowmload. i purchased the season pass and now can not do anything plus it doesnt read like i hve the pass. whts going on? please fix this
  • Below Deck

    By GilliSkippagan

    Why is the episode, Dude,that's a dude!,missing? We paid for a season pass and we want ALL episodes! Fix the problem and stop being sketchy.
  • Missing episode?

    By JLarounis

    iTunes is missing episode 3, "Dude, that's a Dude, Dude." I'm upset I've paid for an entire season, which is now missing an episode. iTunes, you need to add this episode back or refund me my money.
  • Missing Episode 3

    By Sullenberger

    This compilation is missing episode three. Apple or Bravo have renumbered to make it look like all episodes are here, but Episode three "Dude, that's a Dude, Dude" is clearly missing. The teasers after episode 2 show what should be on the next episode, but the content has clearly been removed. Also, the Season Pass states that it's all current and future episodes, which is also not true.

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