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The Magic School Bus, Vol. 1 English Subtitles

Genre: Kids & Family

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Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 1974-09-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 13
  • Produced by: The Magic School Bus

Ride with Ms. Frizzle, teacher extraordinaire, and her enthusiastic, inquisitive students as their Magic School Bus takes them on cliff-hanging field trips into the human body, inside an ant colony, and far out into space. The Magic School Bus transforms the world into a fresh and funny science laboratory-each time with a new destination.

The Magic School Bus, Vol. 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-13

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Gets Lost in Space Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:06 Arnold's know-it-all cousin Janet drives the kids crazy when she joins Ms. Frizzle's class on a field trip and gets them lost in outer space!
2. For Lunch Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:03 Arnold's so excited he doesn't have to go on a field trip! But when he accidentally swallows his miniaturized class, he becomes the field trip!
3. Inside Ralphie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:06 Ralphie is crushed when a fever keeps him home from school the day he's scheduled to host a FNN (Frizzle News Network) television broadcast on health. With Tyne Daly as Ralphie’s mom.
4. Gets Eaten Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:06 Arnold and Keesha are in trouble when they forget to bring in their assignment on "two things that go together."
5. Hops Home Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:06 When Wanda's pet frog, Bella, jumps out an open window, Ms. Frizzle shrinks the bus into a mechanical frog and takes her now tiny class on a hop-along adventure.
6. Meets the Rot Squad Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:04 It’s “Accidental Science Project” day and the class has brought in marvelously rotten entries from the back of their refrigerators. With Ed Begley, Jr. as Larry Log-Away.
7. All Dried Up Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:06 Always the caring soul, Phoebe goes on a crusade to save the animals and plants of the desert - and discovers how well they take care of themselves.
8. In the Haunted House Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:04 The class is thrilled about its upcoming concert at the Sound Museum -- until they discover the spooky mansion is more of a thrill than they bargained for. With Carol Channing as Cornelia C. Contralto.
9. Gets Ready, Set, Dough Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:06 It's Ms. Frizzle's birthday, and a field trip to the bakery seems perfect -- until the bus's shrinker-scope goes on the fritz and the class gets baked in a cake! With Dom DeLuise as the Baker.
10. Plays Ball Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:05 Ms. Frizzle combines Dorothy Ann’s physics and Ralphie’s baseball into a "Frictionless Baseball Game."
11. Goes to Seed Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:07 The class' garden is going to be featured on the cover of PLANT IT! magazine. But Phoebe's garden plot is glaringly empty. With Robby Benson as Mr. Seedplot.
12. Gets Ants in his Pants Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:04 The Magic School Bus goes into show business when Keesha directs a movie about social animals for the school science fair.
13. Kicks Up a Storm Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:02 The Friz transforms the bus into a Weathermobile and -- in a wild ride through the skies -- Ralphie becomes the meteorological superhero of his dreams.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Awesome

    By elevatorfan223

    I love dorthy Anne And carlos and arnold
  • I love the show but the animation?

    By 999Mla

    I love this show! Although, the animation looks like it was kind of rushed. It’s a great show and all, but I like the magic school bus rides again better because it’s animation is better and the science in it has improved.

    By JaxBeeSmith

    I NOW HAVE an iphone that has all the magic school bus episodes installed on it. I recorded a few episodes from tv to vcr when my youngest was a toddler *born in 95. Now I'm enjoying revisiting the magic with my middle daughter's children. There's been a lot of awesome family bonding/banter, that comes out over our 3 generations gatherings... The elder Grands* love it, the Parents love it still, and so do the young grands. It's fun, and it adds to the fun of play dates with the grands. I'm a real person, I'm not getting paid, nor have I recieved any credits or products from this review. JBS West Virginia to me, it's a tool in a fun start in education, without the little one's knowing they're learning
  • Good story, horrid animation.

    By TheMartinator

    The Magic School Bus is such a great show for learning lots of stuff, and the characters are will fitting, too. Mrs. Frizzle is such a likable and humorous character. The one thing I don’t like about this show is the animation. The animation looked like it was rushed while making the show. Not bad, not bad at all!
  • Amazing, 5/5

    By Capricorn Dragon

    I could not be happier with my purchase. And yes, I AM a real customer. A customer with an iTunes account, and free time. I am a devoted Magic School Bus fangirl, and I bought my favorite episode so I can watch it whenever I want. I am so happy. Thank you, iTunes, for giving me access to one of the greatest TV shows ever made. The Magic School Bus is LIFE.

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