Expedition Unknown, Season 1 subtitles

Expedition Unknown, Season 1 English Subtitles

Genre: Nonfiction

Rated 8.2 From 30 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2015-01-08
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Expedition Unknown

Josh Gates investigates the truth behind the world's most iconic and captivating legends. Leaving no stone unturned, his adventures take him around the globe as he immerses himself in the core locales linked to each tale.

Expedition Unknown, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Amelia Earhart Special Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:47 Josh hunts down new evidence on the iconic disappearance of Amelia Earhart, in a two-hour special. He first treks to uncharted tribal lands of PNG, then ends his journey in Fiji - hoping to uncover the human remains of Amelia.
2. Temple of Doom Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:44 Josh Gates travels to the remote and landmine-riddled jungles of Cambodia to investigate the lost city of the Khmer Empire and search for a mystical relic that gave its God King the power to incinerate his enemies.
3. World's 8th Wonder Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:43 Josh is on the trail from Russia to Germany in search of history's most expensive stolen object, The Amber Chamber. Retracing the steps of Nazi soldiers, Josh explores abandoned Nazi bunkers and a hazardous German mine.
4. The Legend of Jesse James Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:45 Josh Gates journeys across the American Midwest in search of the legendary golden loot of Jesse James. Along the way, Josh debunks Jesse James myths, rappels off a cliff on Wichita Mt., and treasure hunts into Buzzards Roost.
5. City of Gold Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:45 Josh treks the stone-paved Inca Trail, ascending 20,000 ft. through the Andes and into the Peruvian Amazon in search of the undiscovered City of Gold. His road to riches takes a detour to the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu.
6. Viking Sunstone Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:44 Josh travels to UK & Norway to unlock the secrets of the Viking Sunstone, a mystic crystal the Vikings used to conquer the seas. Before testing it, he explores a crypt in a Nordic church and descends 1000ft into a deserted mine.
7. Captain Morgan's Lost Gold Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:45 Josh dives into the Lajas Reef off Panama's coast in search for treasure chests on the sunken flagship of legendary pirate Captain Morgan. His journey takes him to Panama City and he visits the Panama Canal, a modern marvel.
8. Code to Gold Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:44 Josh scours Virginia backcountry in search of the legendary Thomas Beale Treasure, worth millions today. With encrypted codes hiding its whereabouts, Josh takes a detour to Philadelphia to uncover missing pieces to the puzzle.
9. Mayan Apocalypse Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:44 Josh unearths human skulls and ancient Mayan sacrificial alters in the caverns underneath the jungles and ruins of Mexico while investigating the fall of the remarkable Mayan Empire.
10. Secrets of the Nazca Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:44 Josh flies to Peru to investigate the giant geoglyphs drawn into earth by ancient Nazca tribes. By studying newly found lines and joining a Nazca psychedelic ritual, Josh uncovers the true meaning behind the mysterious tracings.
11. Samurai Sword of Power Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:44 Josh explores ancient shrines hidden in the mountains and underground tunnels across Japan in search for the missing mystical Honjo sword. Along the way, Josh learns the ways of the samurai and forges his own samurai sword.
12. Curse of the Golden Bell Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:44 Josh joins local divers in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar to search for the ancient cursed Golden Bell of King Dhammazedi. To recover it, Josh dives into murky, violent waters that have claimed the lives of other divers.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Too much Gates, too little substance...

    By S1D2

    Obviously, children would be far better off reading about their various interests rather than suffering Gate’s self absorbed interference.

    By Wild1073

    This show has historical topics that I've never heard about before watching this show for the first time. I would recommend this show to anyone for its entertainment and topics, since history is my favorite topic. Josh Gates is a great host and I can't get enough of his humor.
  • Best show on travel channel!!!

    By ShaneZeigler

    Josh Gates delivers a solid performance as host, with the same adventure, knowledge, wit and humor that made Destination Truth a success minus the team (where is Ryder, Josh?). Join Josh as he searches for treasure in some of the worlds most interesting and remote places. Buy the season pass as I did, you will not be disappointed. Here is to the hopes for a season 2 and more.
  • My Favorite New Travel Show

    By the culture synthetic

    If you love adventure travel, exotic destinations, & mysteries you'll love this show. Explore the world with the witty Josh Gates, (former host of Destination Truth) his great sense of humor & willingness travel into places most hosts would not dare, makes the show exiting, light hearted, & captivating in a unique style. I did not hesitate on ordering the season pass after watching the first episode! I was a fan of Destination Truth, yet the travel aspect was always my favorite part of the show. From what I've seen, Expedition Unknown is an upgrade. Brilliantly immersing you in the adventure through a richer visual lens. EU's superb cinematography &, in-depth dive into the history, & essence, of the exotic locations featured in series; is what Destination Truth lacked. If your looking for a ghost/ crypto-zoology Show Expedition Unknown distinguishes itself from DT by exploring global legends, & mysteries, rather than sprinting through dark woods with night vision cams, chasing the Jersey Devil or Bigfoot. I can't wait to see what adventures the new series will bring. Five stars all the way! I hope the travel channel will bring many seasons to come. I love travel shows, in my opinion, Anthony Bourdain & Josh Gates are the only hosts I've seen that has the mojo or "the funk". Watch the show, you won't be disappointed!
  • Another Home run

    By djmason9

    This show is as good or better than destination truth. I highly recommend it!!
  • Fan Of Josh Gates

    By USMale

    I loved "Destination Truth" and I'm really a fan of this new one, Eppedition Unknown. I like anything with Josh Gates in it.
  • Another Hit

    By Lott1225

    Loved Destination Truth and Josh’s new show doesn’t disappoint. I’m glad the Travel Channel decided to produce this show. It may take a few episodes to get used to the new format but the first two episodes have had very interesting topics. A+ show!
  • A fun, entertaining show

    By Psyche2828

    Josh Gates makes this show. The mysteries are pretty standard and the chance of him discovering anything is minute. But he is very personable, has a great sense of humor, and he's very entertaining to watch. I hope that this won't be the only season they make.
  • Josh Gates, UPGRADED

    By Mandogg the Great

    Any big fan of Josh Gates remembers his past 5 seasons of Destination Truth on Syfy. Now we have this new show, Expedition Unknown on Travel Channel. Nostalgia is great, but the quality of this show is so much better than DT - better quality of filming, better story telling, and getting MORE of the story and locals. Instead of compressing 2 stories into one episode and being treated as Syfy filler space, EXU gets the full treatment it deserves. This is going to be a heck of an adventure!

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