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Genre: Comedy

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  • Release Date: 1992-08-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 22
  • Produced by: Seinfeld

A stand-up comedian and his three offbeat friends weather the pitfalls and payoffs of life in New York City in the '90s.

Seinfeld, Season 4 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-22

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The Trip, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:28 When Jerry is booked to appear on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," he takes George with him to Los Angeles to search for Kramer -- who vanished in a huff months earlier only to pop up inexplicably on TV in an episode of "Murphy Brown." George and Jerry are unaware that their wayward friend is in trouble as a victim of mistaken identity. Meanwhile, George bothers every celebrity he encounters.
2. The Trip, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:22 While searching for Kramer in Los Angeles, Jerry and George are picked up for questioning by the police, who suspect Kramer is a notorious serial killer known as the smog stranger.
3. The Pitch / The Ticket Get Subtitle Mirror 2 46:55 Jerry and George propose to write a television series. Newman blames Kramer for his speeding ticket. Jerry and George are offered a deal at NBC.
4. The Wallet Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:23 Jerry must be at his most creative when he has to explain to his visiting parents why he isn't wearing the watch they once gave him -- a timepiece that Jerry discarded in a trashcan. And pal George stupidly throws away the pair's fledgling series commitment from a TV network.
5. The Watch Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:02 When Jerry's mom and dad come for a visit, Jerry desperately tries to buy back the watch the bought for him, which was recovered by his Uncle Leo after Jerry had thrown it in the trash. Across town, a sweaty-palmed George tracks down a TV executive to negotiate his series deal -- at a lower figure.
6. The Bubble Boy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Jerry agrees to make a side trip to visit a sickly fan -- who must live in a protective plastic tent -- while he and George drive up to a mountain cabin with their dates. But complications set in when Jerry gets lost while driving with Elaine, and a cigar-puffing Kramer makes an unwanted visit from out of the blue.
7. The Cheever Letters Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:29 As he and Jerry start their script, George confronts Susan's father about the cabin fire.
8. The Opera Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:28 A simple night out turns into a nightmare when Jerry meets Elaine at the opera -- unaware that her new boyfriend is "Crazy Joe Davola," the maniac who's been stalking him and vowing revenge for some imagined slight.
9. The Virgin Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:29 A procrastinating Jerry and George strain to think of an idea for a TV series just hours before meeting with impatient network honchos. But Jerry can't forget about his date with a beautiful young woman who confesses to him that she's still a virgin -- putting even more pressure on him.
10. The Contest Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:23 Jerry challenges George, Kramer and Elaine to pool their money in a contest of self-denial. Meanwhile, an excited Elaine looks forward to her date with hunky John Kennedy, Jr., and a guilt-ridden George gets an eyeful when he visits his whining mother in the hospital.
11. The Airport Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:29 On a flight home, Jerry parties in first class with a beautiful woman while Elaine suffers in a cramped coach seat next to a dead fat man. On the ground, George and Kramer scramble between airports trying to meet their friends -- until Kramer is chased onto a runway by police.
12. The Pick Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:28 Elaine is mortified when she accidentally reveals a bit too much décolletage on her Christmas card, which she has sent out to everyone she knows. Meanwhile, Jerry tries to convince his skeptical new girlfriend, a model, that he practices good hygiene. Elsewhere, Kramer is asked to pose for a risqué underwear advertisement.
13. The Movie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:43 A comedy of errors kicks in when Jerry is frustrated in his attempts to squeeze in two comedy appearances on opposite sides of town while shadowed by a pesky fellow comedian. Later, Jerry's bad timing continues when he has to rendezvous for a movie with George, Elaine and Kramer -- who are all in different orbits looking for seats as well as each other.
14. The Visa Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:28 Jerry takes pity on a poor foreigner whose important immigration papers were mistakenly left in his unopened mailbox. But the luckless man swears vengeance when he is hustled away for deportation back to his native country. Down the hall, a resourceful Kramer returns from his fantasy baseball camp after having punched out his idol, Mickey Mantle.
15. The Shoes Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:23 Jerry and George scramble to keep their feeble idea for a TV series alive when they meet with a skeptical TV executive who catches them eyeing his teenage daughter's cleavage. Across town, Kramer begins dating Jerry's ex-girlfriend, a chef who becomes obsessed with possessing Elaine's fashionable shoes.
16. The Outing Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:18 When an eavesdropping college reporter mistakenly prints that Jerry and his pal George are intimate longtime companions, Jerry vainly works overtime to prove his straightness. And when the big-city newspapers pick up the story, Jerry has a lot of explaining to do to his overwrought parents.
17. The Old Man Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:19 Good Samaritans Jerry, George and Elaine volunteer to comfort and assist senior citizens in their homes. Unfortunately, Jerry is assigned to a nasty old cuss -- who he loses on the streets thanks to Kramer's intrusion -- while George depresses an elderly man and Elaine has equally devastating problems as well.
18. The Implant Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:24 Jerry dumps a girlfriend because she has breast implants.
19. The Junior Mint Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:24 Elaine's interest in an old boyfriend is rekindled when he loses weight.
20. The Smelly Car Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:30 A valet's body odor haunts Jerry and Elaine; George discovers some surprising news about Susan.
21. The Handicap Spot Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:22 Jerry and George narrowly avoid a public stoning after George parks his father's car in a handicapped spot -- inciting an angry mob to trash the vehicle when a disabled woman is injured as a result of the illegal parking. And while George's unsuspecting father is mistakenly arrested for the interaction, George and Kramer shop for an electric wheelchair to give to the recuperating victim.
22. The Pilot, Pts. 1 & 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:23 Jerry and George finally have their pilot produced by the network.

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