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Seinfeld, Season 8 English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

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  • Release Date: 1996-09-19
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 22
  • Produced by: Seinfeld

A stand-up comedian and his three offbeat friends weather the pitfalls and payoffs of life in New York City in the '90s.

Seinfeld, Season 8 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-22

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The Foundation Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:52 As George tries to put Susan behind him, Elaine is given control of J. Peterman's business.
2. The Soul Mate Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:47 As George frets about being suspected of killing his fiancee, Kramer falls for Jerry's new girlfriend.
3. The Bizarro Jerry Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:32 Elaine meets three friends who are the exact opposite of Jerry, George and Kramer; George uses Susan's death to attract women.
4. The Little Kicks Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:42 Elaine's strange dancing loses her employees' respect; George cultivates a "bad boy" image; Jerry becomes an underground legend after he makes a bootleg videotape of a new movie.
5. The Package Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:48 George tries to woo a photo store employee with pictures of himself; Elaine discovers her reputation is making it difficult to get medical treatment; Kramer offers to get a refund for Jerry's broken stereo.
6. The Fatigues Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:48 Elaine's promotion of a mail room clerk sparks a mutiny; Jerry discovers his girlfriend's mentor is dating Bania; Kramer brings Frank out of retirement to cook.
7. The Checks Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:49 Jerry's fame in Japan endears Kramer to a group of tourists and inspires George to revive their TV pilot.
8. The Chicken Roaster Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:54 As a restaurant's bright lights keep Kramer awake, Elaine's job is threatened after she buys George an expensive hat on the company's account.
9. The Abstinence Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:45 While abstinence makes George smarter, it has the opposite effect on Elaine; Kramer opens a smoker's lounge in his apartment as Jerry prepares to speak at a junior high school.
10. The Andrea Doria Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:48 George squares off against a shipwreck survivor over a new apartment; Jerry attempts to help Newman get a much sought-after transfer to Hawaii.
11. The Little Jerry Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:47 As a bad check threatens to ruin Jerry's reputation, raising chickens involves Kramer in illegal cockfighting; George dates a women's prison inmate.
12. The Money Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:01 Jerry buys back a car his parents sold as the Costanzas decide to spend George's inheritance; Kramer can't sleep with his new girlfriend, while Peterman returns unexpectedly.
13. The Comeback Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:47 As Jerry discovers he's been duped by a hapless tennis pro, George seeks revenge against a co-worker's cutting remarks; Kramer enlists Elaine's help in drafting a living will.
14. The Van Buren Boys Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:07 Jerry new girlfriend seems to good to be true; George awards a scholarship to an average student; Elaine turns to Kramer for help in preparing Peterman's autobiography.
15. The Susie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:48 While Elaine suffers in a case of mistaken identity and an ex-friend fears Jerry's retribution, George avoids a girlfriend looking to break up.
16. The Pothole Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:44 As George loses a prized keychain in a pothole, Kramer adopts a section of highway.
17. The English Patient Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:43 Elaine's opinion of a film lands her in hot water; Kramer gets stuck with a trio of Cubans cigar rollers while George is obsessed with a beautiful woman's boyfriend.
18. The Nap Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:47 As George builds a bed underneath his desk, Elaine gets a mattress from her back-conscious new boyfriend; Jerry struggles with an indecisive carpenter, while Kramer takes extreme measures to swim.
19. The Yada Yada Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:26 Jerry doubts his dentist's religious conversion; Kramer and Mickey fight over a double date as Elaine undermines a couple's chances at adoption.
20. The Millennium Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:46 As Jerry lobbies for a good spot on his girlfriend's speed dial, George tries getting himself fired so he can accept a better job.
21. The Muffin Tops Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:18 Elaine and a former boss join forces in a muffin top business; George pretends to be a tourist in order to get a date.
22. The Summer of George Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:47 After getting fired from the Yankees, George uses his free time to help Jerry with a demanding girlfriend; Kramer accidentally wins a Tony Award while Elaine is accused of being mean by her co-workers.

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