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Having spent last season trying to track down the Loom of Fate, the Legends must now save history from a foe like none they’ve encountered in the past or future. Waverider co-captains Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe have dealt with monsters, time anomalies, and most recently, villains from Hell, but this season they will face something even more challenging and bizarre ... space aliens! After one of their own is abducted by a ruthless alien, this new mission becomes personal. It will take more than the combined powers of John Constantine, Mick Rory, Nate Heywood, and brother-sister duo, Zari and Behrad Tarazi, to save the world for a sixth time. They must recruit a new Legend, a woman who was abducted by aliens when she was a child and supposedly imbued with powers that will help the team defeat their intergalactic foes. Either that or she’s just crazy...

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1. Ground Control to Sara Lance Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:19 In the season premiere, the Legends quickly discover that Sara is missing after a night of celebrating their beating the Fates. Trying to keep it together, the Legends are shocked to discover that she was taken by Aliens. Ava sends Mick and Behrad to follow a lead on who can possibly help them find Sara, while Constantine tries to work his magic. Meanwhile, Sara does all she can to try to escape, which includes releasing Aliens into the timeline, but is shocked to learn who one of her kidnappers turns out to be.
2. Meat: the Legends Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:05 With Spooner on board, Ava hopes that her special abilities will help lead them to locate the Aliens spread out on the timeline, which could ultimately lead them to Sara. The Legends soon find themselves tracking an Alien in 1950s San Bernardino and having to figure out what is making the town go on a feeding frenzy. Zari lets Behrad know she is ready to use the Totem, but Behrad isn’t ready to share it, causing tension between them. Meanwhile, after crash landing, Sara tries to figure out a plan and runs into none other than Amelia Earhart (guest star JEN OLEKSIUK) who could be her ticket home.
3. The Ex-Factor Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:12 The Legends find themselves in 2045 trying to defeat an Alien warrior which leaves Zari no choice but to enter a popular singing competition. Ava has finally had enough of Rory’s behavior and with the encouragement of Spooner, gives him some tough love. Sara finds herself struggling after being attacked, but someone familiar helps her to keep searching for refuge. Meanwhile, Zari and Constantine have a much-needed conversation with each other.
4. Bay of Squids Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:16 The Legends are shocked when Mick takes command and manages to find the location of an important alien, but he also lands them in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
5. The Satanist's Apprentice Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:22 Be careful what you wish for. With Astra now a mortal, she finds it hard to adapt to the real world with no guidance from Constantine. Frustrated and lonely, Astra makes a new friend who promises to help her, but her eagerness for the easy way out could have some real repercussions for those closest to her. Meanwhile, Sara meets the person responsible for her kidnapping and tries to convince others to help her escape.
6. Bishop's Gambit Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:20 Mick and Kayla (guest star ALIYAH O’BRIEN) take the Waverider to try and find Sara, but these enemies find themselves needing each other to survive after landing on the possible planet Sara is being held captive. After a report of an Alien attack, the Legends return to their new headquarters, Constantine’s manor, where both Spooner and Astra try to connect to the Alien. Zari is suspicious of Constantine’s behavior, but isn’t surprised when she learns the truth. Meanwhile, Sara devises a plan to escape by using her charm to win over Bishop (guest star RAFFI BARSOUMIAN), but she learns something more disturbing.
7. Back to the Finale, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:21 With Ava a wreck, Behrad and the Legends make a last-ditch effort to keep Sara from being abducted in the first place, even knowing that it will alter the timeline. Sara grapples with what she has just discovered about herself but is also shocked when Mick finds her on the mystery planet. With no time to spare, Sara, Mick and Gary (Adam Tsekhman) devise a plan to help defeat Bishop. Meanwhile, Spooner envisions what her life would be like if she hadn’t joined the Legends.
8. Stressed Western Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:15 With everyone finally back together, the Legends find themselves looking to Nate to keep everything calm while in the old West on a mission to find an alien. After trying to keep things normal, Sara reveals her secret to Ava and the team, leaving them all shocked. Constantine looks to Gary who might have answers to his problem. Spooner and Astra are forced to work together despite their clashing personalities which ultimately helps push them to hone their powers. Meanwhile, Zari takes an unusual interest in Behrad’s personal life.
9. This Is Gus Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:01 When the Legends track an alien pod to 2024 and wind up on Behrad’s favorite television sitcom, he thinks it’s a surprise for his birthday, so Nate and Zari keep up the ruse.
10. Bad Blood Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:21 With Constantine obsessed with getting his powers back, he convinces Spooner to join him on the quest to find the Fountain of Imperium. After they find themselves at the end of the Spanish Civil War, Spooner makes an unexpected bond with someone she feels they need to protect them from everyone, including Constantine. Now that they have a special guest on board the Waverider, Nate, Zari, Behrad, Gary and Astra all work together but experience some growing pains along the way. Meanwhile, Sara and Lita are concerned about Rory’s health, so they try to convince him to take it seriously.
11. The Final Frame Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:05 When the Legends track down another Alien pod, they find a device that transports them to a cosmic bowling alley. Before consulting Sara, Astra and Mick, Spooner makes a bet against the reigning champs for a ride back to the Waverider, but not everyone is happy about the plan when they realize what they are up against. Elsewhere, Nate plans a romantic date for Zari, but nothing goes as planned. Meanwhile, Behrad and Gary try to distract Ava from what’s going on with wedding planning. Series star Jes Macallan directs.
12. Bored on Board Onboard Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:23 The Legends are ready to get back home. But after Constantine overloaded Gideon, they will have to travel the old-fashioned way to preserve the ship’s energy. Trying to entertain themselves, tensions start to grow high, so Gary suggests playing a murder mystery game to pass the time. When Constantine decides to make the game more interesting, Behrad becomes worried about him but is met with pushback from Zari. Meanwhile, Mick and Gary deal with an unexpected guest on the Waverider.
13. Silence of the Sonograms Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:29 With the Legends on high alert and an unwanted guest in their custody, Ava is tasked with the interrogation while Nate and Sara watch. Meanwhile, Mick struggles with the terrible pain in his head, so Gary tries to manage it the best he can. Lastly, Zari enlists Astra and Spooner to help figure out what’s going on with Constantine.
14. There Will be Brood Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:20 When Astra and Spooner find themselves as stowaways, they learn that Constantine is still chasing the Fountain of Imperium and find themselves in 1920s Texas. With the rest of the Legends stranded, they come up with a plan to get help by using Mick as bait that will also help reunite him with something special to him. Meanwhile, Spooner learns some information about her past that she wasn’t expecting, in an episode directed by former series star MAISIE RICHARDSON-SELLERS.
15. The Fungus Amongus Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:22 When Sara realizes Bishop’s plan, Ava convinces her to allow the Legends to make an exception to the rules in order to fight back. Meanwhile, Behrad comes up with an interesting plan that allows Sara to connect with an old friend. Then, amidst a battle, Sara and Ava make an important decision, but need the help of the team to pull it off in the season finale.
16. Pre-Season Launch Teaser Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:02 Exploring the essence of hero with Executive Producer Phil Klemmer in this exclusive discussion of DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 6.
17. Animation Split Screen Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:33 A side by side look at the storyboards and final version for the semi-animated episode "The Satanist's Apprentice."
18. Vfx Creature Feature Get Subtitle Mirror 2 4:41 A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating the creatures for Season 6.
19. Actor's Split Screen Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:46 How the Legends gave voice to normally inanimate objects in the season 6 episode "The Satanist's Apprentice."
20. Never Alone: Heroes and Allies Get Subtitle Mirror 2 20:47 An all new trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Season 6.

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