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Sex and the City, Season 1 English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

Rated 7.4 From 1252 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 1998-06-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Sex and the City

Life imitates art for 30-something writer Carrie Bradshaw, whose firsthand experiences on the New York singles scene serve as the inspiration for her newspaper column: <i>Sex and the City</i>. In the first season of HBO's hit comedy series, the struggles of finding a mate are seen through the eyes of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her three best friends — Samantha (Kim Cattrall), a public-relations executive who's seen (and done) it all in the bedroom; Charlotte (Kristin Davis), a hard-luck art dealer who still believes that love will conquer all; and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), a cynical corporate lawyer who may (or may not) be a pushover for romance. Chris Noth co-stars as one of Carrie's lovers, the notorious Mr. Big.

Sex and the City, Season 1 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Sex and the City Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:48 In the pilot episode of this hit comedy series, New York City sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw and her friends vow to stop worrying about finding the perfect mate--and start having sex like men. Carrie meets Mr. Big, Miranda warms up to Skipper and Samantha has a one-night-stand with a man Charlotte wouldn't sleep with on the first date.
2. Models and Mortals Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:11 Miranda makes the mistake of going out with a 'modelizer' (someone who is obsessed with models); Samantha chooses to go out with a modelizer and has her sexual encounter videotaped; and Carrie experiments with Derek-the-model and flirts with Mr. Big.
3. Bay of Married Pigs Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:58 Carrie is invited to a couple's house in the Hamptons only to be flashed by the husband, Miranda's law firm thinks she's a lesbian and Samantha gets to know her doorman better. Meanwhile, Charlotte dumps an eligible guy with the wrong china pattern.
4. Valley of the Twenty-something Guys Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:32 Carrie discovers the limitations of going out with a twenty-something hunk, Charlotte's boyfriend has a sexual favor to ask, and Samantha comes to the sobering realization that she'll always be older than her boy toy.
5. The Power of Female Sex Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:00 Carrie goes on a date with a gorgeous French architect, who shows his 'thanks' with a thousand dollars. Meanwhile, a famous painter uses Charlotte as one of his models and Skipper becomes sexually obsessed with Miranda.
6. Secret Sex Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:47 Carrie thinks Mr. Big is keeping her a 'secret' while Miranda discovers a sex secret about her new boyfriend. Samantha has never been discreet with anyone she's ever slept with, and Charlotte divulges her past secret love affair with a Hasidic Jew.
7. The Monogamists Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:51 Carrie wants a monogamous relationship with Mr. Big, while Samantha refuses to have one with her realtor. Miranda's feelings for Skipper intensify, while Charlotte is faced with her new boyfriend's sexual demands.
8. Three's a Crowd Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:32 Carrie discovers not only that Mr. Big was married before, but that he and his ex participated in a threesome. Meanwhile, Charlotte's boyfriend wants to add another woman to their relationship, and Miranda feels left out. Samantha finds that she has unwittingly become too involved with a married couple.
9. The Turtle and the Hare Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:32 Mr. Big tells Carrie he will never marry again. After a harsh dumping, Samantha tries to turn 'The Turtle' (an investor with bad breath) into a Helmut Lang-wearing catch...but realizes he's still just The Turtle. Meanwhile, Miranda introduces Charlotte to 'The Rabbit' (a vibrator), which turns Charlotte into a recluse.
10. The Baby Shower Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:25 A baby shower for Laney -- a wild-child-turned-soccer-mom -- gets the girls thinking about their futures. Carrie is late for her period, but unsure whether she wants her pregnancy test to be positive or negative. Charlotte is fearful she may never have the daughter for which she has been preparing her whole life.
11. The Drought Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:48 An accidental emission has Carrie certain that she and Mr. Big will never share a bed again. The last three months have Miranda convinced she will never share a bed with any man again. A foray into tantric celibacy leaves Samantha craving old-fashioned sex, and Charlotte's boyfriend would rather be mentally balanced than sexually active.
12. Oh Come All Ye Faithful Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:55 In the Season One finale, Mr. Big introduces Carrie to his mother as his friend, causing Carrie to ponder just where their relationship is headed. Miranda breaks up with Catholic Guy because of his sexual hang-ups. Charlotte is dismayed to discover that all the fortune-tellers in the city agree on one thing--her eternal status as a single woman.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Simply, a blend of perfection.

    By BittersweetSymphony_13

    As a young woman myself, this has become that tv series that is reliably perfect and never grows boring with time. It’s dependable and its an instant feel good. It makes the city attractive and gives you hopes that love can always be new and never ends.
  • Complete collection

    By wangwangusa

    Can iTunes offer a complete collection for sex and the city plus it's 2 movies? It will be great for satc funs.... Thks.
  • Good

    By Phoebethepink

  • CC closed captions

    By amarus14

    please include CC on the show, some people we have people that they need them!!!
  • Love

    By lhg2015

  • I get by with a little help from my friends.

    By Phoenyx

    Going through the ups and downs of a relationship and watching Sex and the City for the first time. It helped me get through.
  • Love it!!

    By Dolphfan

    I love this show! let's hear it for the girls!
  • My favorite show in the whole world!

    By christianlover4lyfe

    I became addicted to SATC instantly! Over the years my friends have been trying to get me into various shows like Lost, Heroes, Gossip Girl etc...and I would watch a season or two and just get completely bored. Then one lazy Sunday I was watching reruns on E! and I fell in love. I just became completely mesmerized with the show. I absolutely love the personalities of every character, the acting is very good (which is absolutely key!) and you can relate to everything (most things) and fantasize about having their lives too. It is so much fun...definitely not a guilty pleasure show it is sophisticated, funny, sexy and unique.
  • Favorite show!!!!!!

    By cristina hernandez

    Love it!!! It really shows the way women talk with their girlfriends

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