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Sex and the City, Season 2 English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

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  • Release Date: 2008-05-11
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 18
  • Produced by: Sex and the City

What are the rules to breaking up? Is "faking it" better than being alone? Are there certain things in a relationship one should never say? Is cheating like the proverbial tree in the forest — it doesn't exist if nobody catches you? For 30-something writer Carrie Bradshaw, questions like these are raised in a weekly column where her life on the singles dating scene in NYC serves as steamy source material for her work: <i>Sex and the City</i>. In Season 2 of HBO's sexy, smash-hit comedy series, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) begins dating again in the wake of her break-up with Mr. Big while her friends Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda continue to provide fodder for her column. Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Chris Noth co-star.

Sex and the City, Season 2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-18

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Take Me Out to the Ballgame Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:21 In the Season Two premiere, Carrie follows up the struggle of breaking up with Mr. Big by dating a 'new Yankee.' Meanwhile, Samantha expresses dissatisfaction with her boyfriend's lack of manhood and Charlotte's man has a problem with his crotch adjustments.
2. The Awful Truth Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:16 Carrie invites Mr. Big to her birthday party, Samantha must tell her boyfriend about his shortcomings, Charlotte gets a puppy, and Miranda musters up the courage to talk dirty with her lover.
3. The Freak Show Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:59 Carrie dates numerous freaks before turning into one herself when she meets a nice guy named Ben. Meanwhile, Samantha goes on a date with a man who likes to be disciplined and Charlotte begins to realize that Mr. Pussy might be only good for one thing.
4. They Shoot Single People, Don't They? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:12 While Carrie begins to enjoy the single life, Miranda must fake an orgasm with a lover and Samantha gets 'taken in' by a club-owning jerk. Charlotte convinces herself to like a 'fix-it' actor friend.
5. Four Women and a Funeral Get Subtitle Mirror 2 27:39 Charlotte falls for a widower...whom she meets at a fashion designer's funeral. Meanwhile, Carrie mends some fences with Mr. Big, Samantha makes the mistake of trying to seduce a celebutante's husband, and Miranda has panic attacks after buying her own place.
6. The Cheating Curve Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:03 Carrie officially gets back with Big, Charlotte is swept away by the Power Lesbian elite, Miranda finds herself competing with a boyfriend's porno films, and Samantha gets a 'lightning bolt' from her personal trainer.
7. The Chicken Dance Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:10 Miranda's interior decorator and her friend from London fall in love at first sight and invite the girls to be part of their wedding...much to their dismay!
8. The Man, the Myth, the Viagra Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:03 While Carrie and Big continue their new relationship, Samantha begins seeing a 72-year-old millionaire, and Miranda hooks up with a nice bartender.
9. Old Dogs, New Dicks Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:56 Carrie tries to fix some of Big's annoying habits, Charlotte begins seeing an uncircumcised man, and Samantha bumps into an old boyfriend who is now a drag queen.
10. The Caste System Get Subtitle Mirror 2 27:42 Carrie and Big say 'I love you.' Meanwhile, Miranda breaks it off with the bartender, Samantha dates a rich guy with a duplicitous servant, and Charlotte gets caught in the fast lane with hot-shot movie star.
11. Evolution Get Subtitle Mirror 2 27:01 Carrie tries (unsuccessfully) to leave some feminine items behind at Big's place. Meanwhile, Miranda discovers that she has a 'lazy' ovary, Charlotte has questions about her new boyfriend, and Samantha plots a revenge scheme against an ex.
12. La Douleur Exquise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 29:06 Big tells Carrie that he is moving to Paris for six months, Samantha introduces the girls to the hottest S&M restaurant in town, Charlotte's shoe fetish is counterbalanced, and Miranda meets a guy who only enjoys sex when he is at risk of being caught.
13. Games People Play Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:26 Carrie meets another 'wrong' guy in her shrink's waiting room, Samantha dates a sports addict, Charlotte joins a bridge club in order to meet a nice guy, and Miranda plays 'peep show' with a man in the building across from her.
14. The F**k Buddy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:03 Carrie makes a date with her 'buddy.' Meanwhile, Samantha enjoys the action of a couple next door, Charlotte starts double-booking dates with men, and Miranda dates a mean and controlling man.
15. Shortcomings Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:52 Carrie dates a short-story writer...and his family. Miranda begins dating a divorced father while Samantha sleeps with Charlotte's brother.
16. Was It Good for You? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 27:24 Carrie questions dating an alcoholic man. Charlotte is troubled when her latest lover falls asleep during sex, and Samantha's gay friends make an intriguing request.
17. Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:34 Carrie dates a short-story writer...and his family. Miranda begins dating a divorced father while Samantha sleeps with Charlotte's brother.
18. Ex and the City Get Subtitle Mirror 2 32:20 In the Season Two finale of this hit comedy series, Big reveals to Carrie that he and 26-year-old Natasha are engaged. Meanwhile, Miranda and Steve get back together and Samantha gets involved with Mr. Too Big.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Complain Much???

    By rsbrovold

    It's only $22 people. Shut Up!!! I would pay $50 just to see the shoes in each episode. So get over it!
  • wonderful, and REAL.

    By Lindseyyy_

    Sex and the city is a show that relates to the real woman. The woman who enjoys sex, and probably spends too much money on shoes to forget about her ex. The woman who needs her friends there to tell her she is still sexy even if her many fell asleep during sex. This show appeals to every aspect of the American woman. I wish it would run forever and ever.
  • iSex- it can't get any better

    By Charlotte in the Midwest

    Finally, Sex in the City on the iPOD-- cheers to Apple for getting HBO to hook us up!
  • Laughter, Tears, Fabulous Fashion

    By sammyjazz

    I've seen SATC a trillion times and Season Two never gets old or less funny. A satisfying rollercoaster ride for anyone interested in Romantic Comedy. SJP finds a great groove with her character and we get to know the four ladies a little bit better. After revisiting the entire season two in two days, I actually sided with Big's point of view this time! A brilliant work of television art.
  • Itunes...

    By Meche4Mercedes

    LOVE Sex and the City and I agree...itunes shouldn't be ripping people off! I bought some of this season but now I want the whole thing. I should be able to buy the remainder for the pro-rated price like that started with CDs. Addicted to Sex and the city but shouldn't be ripped off. Get with it yo!
  • This is SOOOO funny

    By crisnorm

    The tantric sex class is one of the funniest things I have ever seen
  • Whats up with the price???

    By Indipod

    I thought that would be shipper on I-tunes. Check Amazaon 15 dollars.... No complains about the show. But the price.... Silly me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Games People Play

    By All Access Salsa

    Love it Jon Bon Jovi is so Hot. Thanks iTunes
  • what?

    By christy6

    I thought part of the great digital switch is to save money? the seasons cost about the same on dvd? can't the man cut us some slack?-geez

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