A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Season 2, Pt. 2 subtitles

A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Season 2, Pt. 2 English Subtitles

Genre: Animation

Rated 6 From 29 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2014-08-19
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: A Certain Scientific Railgun

When electromaster Mikoto Misaka discovers her DNA is being used to mass-produce clones that are being used in sadistic scientific experiments, she vows to save her duplicates and destroy the project. But this might be one fight she can’t win alone. High-energy battles and intense action explode in this continuation of the Railgun series from the creator of A Certain Magical Index.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Season 2, Pt. 2 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Accelerator Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Thwarted in her attempt to sabotage Tree Diagram, Misaka takes her frustration out on a nearby lab that is part of the project. Meanwhile, Accelerator and #10031 carry out their experiment, while Kamijo searches for Misaka's missing sister.
2. The Promise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 While Shirai frets about Misaka staying out again all night, she receives a visit from Kamijo, who manages to find Misaka's documents about the project. Kamijo catches up with Misaka on a bridge, where he tries to talk her out of doing anything rash.
3. Kamijo Toma Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Kamijo races to the scene of the experiment, only to find that it has already started. Kamijo calls out Accelerator, who takes him to be yet another challenger to his position, until for the first time, as Misaka watches on, he gets his nose bloodied.
4. Sisterhood Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Misaka stands up for clone #10032, declaring that she is doing so because they are sisters. The next day, the two of them spend time in a park, where 10032 asks her for a special favor. Later, Misaka has difficulty trying to express her thanks to Kamijo.
5. Study Group Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 With the end of summer vacation approaching, the girls plan a study session at Saten's apartment to catch up on homework. Everyone is to bring an ingredient for a potluck stew party, but most have trouble deciding what to buy, leading to some surprises.
6. Moving Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Edasaki is due to be discharged from the hospital, and it is learned that she will be living with Haru'ue. The move is bittersweet for Uiharu, who is losing her roommate, but she feels it is for the best. Meanwhile, a new movement is afoot in the city.
7. Academic Reach Assembly Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Febrie takes an instant liking to Saten, and is warm to everyone except for Misaka, much to her chagrin. At Judgment, Uiharu is unable to find any information on who Febrie is, so arrangements are made to admit her into an orphanage as a "Child Error."
8. Febrie Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 As Yomikawa takes over investigating the runaway security robots, Konori invites the whole gang out to take in a bath at a bathhouse. On their way home, a number of detours lead them to a confrontation with yet another, much more dangerous runaway robot.
9. Darkness Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 With the revelation that Febrie is synthetic, Misaka is determined to find whoever built her, and have them fix her. The investigation is stalled on all fronts, even with the help of her friends running down leads, until help comes from a surprise source.
10. Study Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Therestina reluctantly provides Misaka with the clues she needs to find the group behind Febrie's secret. With Kongo's help, the girls identify Aritomi as the man they are pursuing, and find out more about him and his company, the STUDY Corporation.
11. Silent Party Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Aritomi reveals his motivations for STUDY's project to Misaka. She also learns about Nunotaba's plight, and some of the details concerning what STUDY has planned at the Reach Assembly the next day. Will she be able to escape and put a stop them?
12. Eternal Party Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:57 Shirai, Konori, Kongo and friends, and Uiharu and Saten confront the powered suits at the four Assembly sites, where they soon receive backup. Misaka and Febrie move to take on Aritomi directly, but he has one final surprise up his sleeve for them.

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