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  • Release Date: 2020-01-02
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 21
  • Produced by: Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight returns for it's 10th season in the nation's capital of Washington, DC as 5 couples take a leap of faith when they walk down the aisle to marry a stranger. All episodes will capture each couple’s journey as they go from wedding, to honeymoon, to early nesting, to the daily struggles. After several weeks together, they must make a decision: to remain together or divorce?

Married At First Sight, Season 10 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-21

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Strike a Match Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:05 Married at First Sight returns for the biggest season EVER in Washington, DC, kicking off with an in-depth exploration of the matchmaking process. For the first time ever the three experts, meet to match five compatible couples!
2. First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:13 Five couples have only two weeks to plan their weddings, celebrate their final days of being single, and reveal to their family and friends that they are getting married to a stranger! And when the time finally comes to tie the knot, will one groom be left at the alter when his bride-to-be gets a call from her ex-boyfriend asking her not to go through with it?
3. Here Comes the Stranger Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:07 Five couples get ready to walk down the aisle to get Married at First Sight! While the first three couples celebrate their marriages with the help of family and friends at their wedding receptions, two couples still remain to take the giant leap of faith.
4. I Married a Stranger Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:32 The final two couples put their faith in the hands of the experts and get Married at First Sight! All five couples dance the night away at their wedding receptions, before spending their first night together as husband and wife. Will one groom heed the advice of his new wife's bridesmaids and bring the fire tonight in the bedroom?
5. One Night Spouse Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:15 All five couples have been Married at First Sight, and as the receptions come to a close, it's time for them to spend their first night alone together as husband and wife. Then, after waking up next to someone they met less than 24 hours ago, each spouse will meet individually with their new stranger in-laws, before being whisked away on their honeymoon in Panama!
6. Trouble in Paradise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:56 The honeymoon heats up in more ways than one as some of our newlyweds live out their fairytale love story on the tropical beaches of Panama, while other couples get off to a rocky start. Tensions rise as three couples struggle to find common ground with their stranger spouses.
7. In Seasickness and in Health Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:21 Four pairs of newlyweds make the most of their honeymoon with a romantic catamaran trip, while one couple remains on shore to heal their fractured marriage. But despite sunny skies, there are rough seas ahead for two pairs of stranger spouses.
8. New Wife, New Life Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:16 With the thrill of the honeymoon over, five pairs of newlyweds return to Washington DC to begin living together as husband and wife. The pressure of moving in proves to be too much for two couples, while others enjoy discovering new surprises about the stranger they married.
9. Home is Where Your Spouse Is Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:43 As four pairs of newlyweds settle into married life in their new homes and one pair struggles to find their footing, they all spend time with friends and family. Some friends are thrilled to hear how well married life is going, while others refuse to keep quiet about their concerns.
10. The "L Word" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:48 After marrying a stranger, five couples grow toward love with their stranger spouse by planning romantic surprises. But for one couple, an unexpected surprise might be the final straw for their marriage.
11. I Want You to Want Me Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:01 As five pairs of newlyweds adjust to married life in their own ways, the group attends a cooking class together. And while passion heats up between some couples, one couple completely melts down.
12. Anniversaries and Secrets Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 As five couples celebrate their one-month wedding anniversaries, they've reached the crucial halfway point of the experiment. And while some couples walk hand-in-hand toward a future together, others worry that this first milestone may be the only anniversary they ever celebrate.
13. Move In or Move On Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:26 All five couples sit down separately with an expert to take a hard look at their marriages and decide what it will take for them to stay committed until decision day. Some couples can't wait to recommit, but for others the deal breakers may prove too much to handle.
14. Secrets and Lies Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:25 The five married couples must embrace vulnerability, revisit their past, and expose their deepest truths. Some discover new sparks, while others find themselves ready to walk away completely.
15. Fight or Flight? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:26 After one couple reaches the end of the road in their marriage, the remaining four couples go on a Couples' Retreat where close quarters force them to confront their issues. As the clock winds down to Decision Day, tempers flare and this country getaway proves to be anything but relaxing.
16. Forever or Never Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:49 As the eight-week experiment draws to a close and Decision Day looms, the four remaining couples have just a few days left to do some final soul-searching, consult with friends and family, and decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce.
17. Until Decision Day Do We Part Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:02 The eight-week social experiment comes to an end, and all five couples sit down with the experts to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. Some couples have their eyes on the future, while other couples are determined to get answers about the past.
18. Reunion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:37 Five months after decision day, the five Washington D.C. couples who got Married at First Sight reunite to look back on the good times and the hard times, discuss the ups and downs of their marriages, and answer the biggest question of all--are they still married'
19. Where Are They Now? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 20:42 This is the ultimate series reunion, featuring cast members from throughout Married at First Sight history. Host Kevin Frazier sits down with happily married couples, controversial cast members, and spouses on the brink of divorce, while showing never-before-seen footage of two dramatic birth stories and getting insight into the shocking romance between a former expert and one of the husbands she helped match.
20. Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Countdown Get Subtitle Mirror 2 39:41 Host Jamie Otis counts down the top moments, in various categories, on a journey back through 10 seasons of Married at First Sight honeymoons!
21. Married at First Sight: All About Family Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:22 From crazy in-laws, to skeptical parents, to bringing babies into the world...this special episode, hosted by Jamie Otis, looks back at the most memorable family moments in Married at First Sight history.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Even Experts Can Get it Wrong

    By BabyBoomerWriter

    This is an example of how even relationship experts can be taken in by personalities that were not suitable for matching with anyone. This season was characterized more by stress & selfishness than caring. I felt very sorry for the people who went into the process with an open heart who got partners whose personal problems had not eliminated them before the process began. However, it was surprising to see the experts being affectionate (hugging) someone who was actively disrupting the production, or escaping situations that got difficult, making it impossible for their spouse to know what was going on. Not the best season.
  • The Craziest Cast Yet

    By da-hero

    Where did they get these people from. Lol
  • Predictions

    By Joeyjojoshabadu

    Predictions for this season: The moody guy Brandon is either a drug addict or an alcoholic. Why else are you so moody, difficult, and trying to escape the camera while you’re married to Beyoncé’s look alike? However, props to him apologizing for his behavior unlike his wife. Big red flag when you can’t apologize for bad behavior. The model guy marriage won’t last. I mean models typically date other models. That’s just the facts. How do you tell some one you just married “I’m just not that into you” and not feel like America’s bad guy. Meka and Michael will grow together due to seemingly having similar struggles of having poor family lives when they grew up, and they will bond over their enjoyment for career and desire of having a future family they have always dreamed of. (As long as Michael can be vulnerable and compassionate towards Meka) The two taller self admitted awkward white couple will last due to their desire of achieving the milestone of marriage and kids and both being flexible and patient people. Finally the Ashton Kutcher looking guy’s relationship wont work out in my opinion because—this is just my theory— the woman in the relationship ALWAYS needs to be the one who is a little bit more needier than the guy. However in their case, he seems more needier/clingier, and she may never get over the fantasy she imagined for herself with her friend with benefits she had before joining the show.
  • Love this show

    By Parent or not

    Fun, enlightening, and modern relationships with amazing relationship experts

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