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Married At First Sight, Season 15 English Subtitles

Genre: Reality & Nonfiction

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  • Release Date: 2022-06-23
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • Produced by: Married At First Sight

The show heads to the sunny West Coast for the first time ever. Singles from San Diego, California will meet their matches for a brand-new season, destined to be entertaining, surprising, and full of romance. With experts Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper, DeVon Franklin, Hollywood producer, NY Times Bestselling Author and Relationship Advisor and Dr. Pia Holec, a renowned psychotherapist.

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Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Matchmaking in San Diego Get Subtitle Mirror 2 21:23 An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the intense matchmaking process as the experts search for five new couples from San Diego to get Married at First Sight. After a series of in-depth interviews and tough eliminations, the final ten singles are surprised with the news that they'll be marrying a stranger in just two weeks.
2. Kicking Off San Diego Get Subtitle Mirror 2 58:22 Secrets from the past and dreams for the future are revealed as host Kevin Frazier and a panel of Married at First Sight aficionados do a deep dive into the five new couples from San Diego. The group predicts if the newlyweds will find love or fail to connect, reacts to exclusive sneak peeks from the upcoming season, and catches up with former MAFS favorites about their current relationships.
3. So Ready in SoCal Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:54 It's crunch time for ten brave San Diegans, who have only two weeks to prepare before they meet their stranger spouses at the altar. For one, a family member's disapproval could create an irreparable rift. And on the big day, an emotionally-guarded bride becomes a puddle of tears.
4. Afterparty: Single and Celibate Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:26 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam sits down with Stacia, Krysten and Justin to get a behind-the-scenes look at the season premiere of Married at First Sight: San Diego, as they discuss the engagement reveals, Justin's celibacy and what the brides really think about each other.
5. Whole Wife For a Whole Life? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:55 With one wedding down and four to go, our soon-to-be spouses anxiously prepare to say "I do" to a stranger. However, when one groom gets terrible news, a wedding has to be postponed for the first time in Married at First Sight history. And one father of the bride could ruin his daughter's special day.
6. Afterparty: I Got My Eye on You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:12 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam sits down with Alexis, Lindy and Stacia to get the juicy details behind their weddings, including why Lindy's father isn't supportive of her marriage, why Stacia is smitten with her groom, and why Alexis is already noticing some red flags about Justin.
7. Ain't No Wedding Like a West Coast Wedding Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:22 While one pair of strangers faces an uncertain future, four other couples celebrate their weddings under the San Diego sun. Cakes are cut, garters are tossed, and the question of wedding night sex is in the air. What will happen when they return to their honeymoon suite as total strangers who are also husband and wife?
8. Afterparty: Marriage and Mitchisms Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:19 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam sits down with Krysten, Miguel and Justin as they lift the veil on their weddings and discuss Krysten's first impressions of Mitch, Miguel's biggest regret, and why Justin's friends are skeptical about Alexis.
9. Sand, Sun, And Spouses Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:23 Four newlywed couples, who have never met each other before, spend their first night together, sharing stories, secrets, and a bed. In the morning, each is bombarded with personal questions from their spouse's friends and family. Then it's time for fun in the sun as they jet off to a honeymoon in Mexico.
10. Afterparty: Wet N' Wild Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:19 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam chats with Morgan, Alexis and Nate to get a behind the scenes look at Morgan's wedding day, Nate and Stacia's steamy shower sesh, and how Alexis really felt when she first met Justin on a dating app.
11. Everything Whale Be Okay Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:38 Under the sunny skies of Puerto Vallarta, our newlyweds enjoy the first full day of their honeymoon. While paddleboarding, horseback riding and whale watching, they learn more about the strangers they just married.
12. Afterparty: Hard-Knock Honeymoon Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:53 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam sits down with Justin, Binh and Mitch to get the dirt on Binh's "PG-13" wedding night, discuss Mitch's selfishness within his marriage, and watch some never before seen footage from Alexis and Justin's honeymoon.
13. Saved By the Mariachis! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:46 Things get hot in Mexico as the honeymoons continue for our newlyweds and the tequila is flowing. But while one groom suddenly drops the L word, another can't see past the eight week mark, and another betrays his new wife's trust.
14. Afterparty: Life's a Beach Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:18 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam breaks down the final half of the honeymoon with Stacia, Morgan and Mitch as they reveal what everyone really thinks about Nate's intentions.
15. Real Life Reckoning Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:40 As the couples return to San Diego after their honeymoon, they get a glimpse at their spouse's old homes before moving into their new apartment together. Pastor Cal visits to help the couples through their early issues.
16. Afterparty: Bubbles and Blunders Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:40 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam unpacks the move-ins with Krysten, Nate and Binh as they reveal their biggest concerns when it comes to living with their spouse.
17. Party Ways Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:40 As our five newlywed couples settle into their lives in San Diego, they prep to be reunited with friends and family for the first time since their weddings as they plan their first housewarming parties together.
18. Afterparty: The Dog Days Are (Not) Over Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:29 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam chats with Krysten, Stacia and Justin to get a behind the scenes look at the housewarmings and the aftermath of the intense clash between Alexis and Justin's dogs.
19. Are You Going to Gaslight Me? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:37 As our newlywed strangers enter their third week of marriage, the topic of love is on everyone's minds. Deep questions lead to unexpected revelations, and spouses have to face uncompromising attitudes and unforgiven mistakes.
20. Afterparty: Took Me By Surprise Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:11 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam chats with Stacia, Justin and special guest, Sarah Colonna, about Stacia's impatience with Nate not saying "I love you," Justin's struggle to win Alexis back, and the emotional group therapy session.
21. Moody Monthiversaries Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:38 As they celebrate their one-month anniversaries, our couples reflect on their progress (or the lack thereof), and set their sights on the road to Decision Day.
22. Afterparty: Muddy Monthiversary Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:14 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam breaks down the one month anniversaries with Alexis, Mitch and returning special guest, Sarah Colonna, as they discuss Morgan and Binh's rocky anniversary, Krysten's outburst in front of the other spouses, and more.
23. Back to Our Future Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:35 Having just passed the one month milestone in their marriages, the couples open up further to their spouses by returning to their roots and sharing more about their pasts.
24. Afterparty: Digging Up the Dirt Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:31 Host Keshia Knight Pulliam digs into the spouses' childhood roots with Nate, Justin and Mitch.
25. The Journey So Far: San Diego Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:55 Kevin Frazier leads a heated discussion covering all the romantic highs and dramatic lows from the first half of the San Diego season. Shocking sneak peeks from upcoming episodes force the group to reconsider what the future will hold for each couple.
26. Baby Steps Get Subtitle Mirror 2 23:20 When Dr. Pia returns, trust is put to the test and intimacy soars as one couple shares a steamy getaway and another gets a special delivery. But two marriages could be headed for trouble if compromises can't be reached before it's too late.
27. Afterparty: Toe-Totally Turned On Get Subtitle Mirror 2 19:48 In this wild episode, host Keshia Knight Pulliam sits down with Alexis, Stacia and former Married At First Sight cast member, Beth Thompson, as they unpack the risque intimacy exercises and watch some never-before-seen bonus footage of Stacia and Nate.

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