Survivor, Season 12: Panama - Exile Island subtitles

Survivor, Season 12: Panama - Exile Island English Subtitles

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  • Release Date: 2006-06-07
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 16
  • Produced by: Survivor

Stranded on an island off the coast of Panama, this group of Survivors faces a new and rather ominous challenge: Exile Island. Each week, at least one castaway is banished to live alone in this place. While being separated from the tribe is not necessarily desirable, the Survivors learn that there is a hidden Immunity Idol somewhere on the island. If found, this Immunity Idol could save whoever retrieves it from being voted out at a future Tribal Council. You won't want to miss a minute of this season, hosted by Jeff Probst and featuring Aras, Austin, Bobby, Bruce, Cirie, Courtney, Dan, Danielle, Melinda, Misty, Nick, Ruth Marie, Sally, Shane, Terry, and Tina. As always, it comes down to one question: Who will outwit, outlast and outplay all others to become Sole Survivor and win the $1 million?

Survivor, Season 12: Panama - Exile Island English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-16

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. The First Exile Get Subtitle Mirror 2 44:06 The 16 castaways are divided into four tribes of four: Older Men, Older Women, Younger Men and Younger Women. This season, at least one Survivor each episode is banished to a separate island miles away from camp. But that’s not all bad: there’s a hidden Immunity Idol somewhere on Exile Island.
2. Breakdown Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 When four tribes become two, the last Survivor fears the worst, but then is surprised when Jeff reveals a twist in the game. One castaway makes a major mistake and leaves the tribe disappointed, hungry and still desperately trying to get food. The Survivors waste no time forming alliances, leaving two feeling vulnerable and another two in a position of power. One struggles to adjust to life on the island. Will he overcome the pressure or choose to leave the island forever?
3. Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37 Every night is miserable for the next Survivor sent to Exile Island. Can they withstand another horrendous night, fighting the cold winds and torrential rain alone? One Survivor proves to be an All-Star at the Reward Challenge, securing a major win for a starving tribe. Bickering starts early for one tribe and leaves some members wondering about forming premature alliances. Call it superstition or plain coincidence, but one group’s interesting dinner gives more than strength to a weak tribe.
4. Starvation and Lunacy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37 In a surprising turn of events, a banished Survivor thrives on Exile Island, leaving the tribe back at camp struggling for food and fire. The excitement over winning a Reward Challenge immediately causes a stir within one tribe, as a tribemate contaminates a prized possession. Constant bickering between tribemates leaves one Survivor regretting an alliance with a bunch of lunatics. After the previous Tribal Council, one Survivor begins to worry. Will valiant effort and a competitive nature be enough to keep this castaway in the game?
5. For Cod's Sake Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37 Winning the Reward Challenge ends up being a raw deal for one tribe. A couple of Survivors secretly bond when they selfishly share one of the Reward prizes and anger their tribemates. Two Survivors fall ill, keeping them up all night and leaving them drained right before the Immunity Challenge. Can these two strong players pull through, or will they bring their tribe down? It’s a long afternoon for one tribe as chaos and confusion hampers the decision of who to vote off. Will an alliance stick or fall apart?
6. Salvation and Desertion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:36 Disunity among one tribe results in no sleep for the group, as one Survivor’s continuous outbursts last throughout the night. A strong tribe is weakening from the lack of food and water, but finds strength in relationships they are forming on the island. Will this be enough to win the next Challenge? For one castaway, being sent to Exile Island is a blessing rather than a curse. Having an alliance doesn’t always guarantee safety, as a twist in the game leaves one tribe with a big decision to make and places one Survivor’s fate in the hands of another.
7. Survivor: Exile Island - A Closer Look Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:36 Relive the magic of Survivor: Panama--Exile Island so far with this fond look back at key moments in the first six episodes. In addition, you'll see footage never shown on TV before this episode.
8. An Emerging Plan Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37 It's bittersweet for one Survivor stranded alone on Exile Island. Even though the company is nice, one castaway struggles with the monotony of camp life. When the two tribes finally become one, the Survivors celebrate together, but hidden agendas quickly take over the camp. Building a bigger shelter becomes a dangerous project and leaves one Survivor with a chipped tooth and a cut lip.
9. The Power of the Idol Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37 Terry decides it's time to reveal the Idol to some castaways. How will the power of the Idol affect the game? When two tribe members are sent to Exile Island, an unexpected bond forms. Will this newfound friendship affect their alliance and change the course of the game? Determined to expand their alliance, the La Mina group pressures several Casayas. Can they secretly break up the Casaya Six? At the Reward Challenge, one Survivor demonstrates clever leadership skills and forges a win with a weaker group.
10. Fight for Your Life or Eat Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37 A tempting offer has some Survivors opting out of the Immunity Challenge. Who feels safe enough to sit out, and who won't risk a loss? Terry and Sally continue to lobby the remaining Casayas to join forces with them. Will their efforts to form a new alliance finally pay off? Terry shares Navy stories with his tribemates, and the former Casaya women worry he is unbeatable. After winning individual Immunity two weeks in a row, can Terry keep his streak going? One male Survivor becomes one of the girls. Has he lost his mind, or does he have a valid reason to be walking around in a skirt?
11. Medical Emergency Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:37 When a medical emergency sends one Survivor off for treatment, the others are left wondering what will happen next. Will this Survivor be forced to leave the game for good? Honesty isn't always the best policy, but in the Reward Challenge it's the key to winning. Can the Survivors get along afterwards, or are some too bitter to forgive and forget? As the lone La Mina, Terry is without allies at camp. His only hope is that the bickering amongst the Casayas continues. Will the old Casaya tribe self-destruct, or will they set their emotions aside and stay focused on the game? Tensions run high when Shane questions the strength of his alliance and threatens to turn the game.
12. Perilous Scramble Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 Excitement over winning the Reward Challenge reaches a new level when the winners learn they can compete for a second Reward. Which lucky Survivor walks away with this season's biggest Reward so far? As winner of all three individual Immunity Challenges, Terry knows he must win again to stay in the game. Will he be able to win his fourth straight Immunity, or can the former Casayas finally knock him off his throne? As the finale nears, the Survivors begin to focus on the pros and cons of alliances. Can Terry finally talk any of the Survivors into being his ally?
13. Bamboozled Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 In a heated argument, one Survivor spots a major weakness in another. Can this weakness be used? With just five Survivors remaining, one holds the power to change the game with a vote. Who is it? With love on the line, it’s an all-out battle to win the next Reward Challenge. Who wins the love? Who is left with a night alone on Exile Island? With four straight individual Immunities under his belt, Terry knows he must keep his winning streak going to stay in the game. Will his luck finally run out?
14. Call the Whambulence! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 A Final Four celebration gets ugly when one Survivor blows up and quickly divides the camp.
15. The Final Showdown Get Subtitle Mirror 2 34:20 Cirie and Danielle go head to head in a tiebreaker Challenge. Who will win and earn their spot in the Final Three, and who will flame out? Before the Final Immunity Challenge, the pressure of what lies ahead weighs heavily on the Final Three. Who can win a spot in the Final Two and a 50/50 shot at $1 million? After the Final Immunity Challenge, one Survivor has the difficult decision of who to take to the Final Two. Who will it be? With the Final Tribal Council just days away, the Final Two prepare for their final statements. Who will outwit, outlast and outplay all others to be become Exile Island’s Sole Survivor?
16. Live Reunion Show Get Subtitle Mirror 2 34:28 It's the Moment of Truth: Jeff Probst walks into the Reunion Show, taped live before a studio audience, and announces who wins the $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor.

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