Survivor, Season 28: Cagayan subtitles

Survivor, Season 28: Cagayan English Subtitles

Genre: Reality & Nonfiction

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  • Release Date: 2014-02-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 16
  • Produced by: Survivor

Eighteen castaways will compete on <i>Survivor</i> when the Emmy Award-winning series returns. This edition, filmed in Cagayan, a province in the Philippines, will be themed 'Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty,' and will feature three separate tribes who all have the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay and outlast, and ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor. This season will feature a high-stakes poker player, an attorney, an ex-NFL cheerleader, a nuclear engineer, the president of the Miami Marlins and a former NBA All-Star. The show is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst.

Survivor, Season 28: Cagayan English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-16

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Hot Girl With A Grudge Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:33 Three castaways face a game-changing decision minutes after the competition begins. Meanwhile, one tribe pours both blood and sweat into an early challenge and one castaway seeks revenge after discovering that her tribe wants to vote her out, on a special two-hour season premiere.
2. Cops-R-Us Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 The castaways' spirits are drenched by a monster monsoon. Meanwhile, two castaways form a "blue-blooded" alliance, and the "Brains" must win a challenge to avoid another trip to tribal council.
3. Our Time To Shine Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 One Tribe considers throwing an immunity challenge in order to bench one of its strongest players. Also, a meltdown at a reward challenge could mark the end for one struggling castaway.
4. Odd One Out Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:32 Castaways drop their buffs and form two new tribes. Meanwhile, a decision made on Day 1 could lead to a castaway's elimination and the battle for immunity proves which new tribe has the most Brawn.
5. We Found Our Zombies Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:01 A shocking blindside leaves one castaway questioning their resolve to play the game. Meanwhile, a camp raid leaves one tribe scrounging for supplies while another revels in comfort.
6. Head of the Snake Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:32 It's every castaway for themselves, as two tribes become one in this season's merge. Meanwhile, one castaway's thirst for power could earn them a spot on the jury, and jaws drop as the blindside streak continues.
7. Mad Treasure Hunt Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:19 The entire tribe embarks on the craziest idol hunt in the history of the game. Also, one castaway showcases their ninja-like skills to sabotage another.
8. Bag of Tricks Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 One castaway's paranoia could lead to a game-changing flip, and a grade-school memory challenge looks more like a college exam for several exhausted castaways.
9. Sitting In My Spy Shack Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 Homesick castaways are granted a brief reprieve with letters from home. Meanwhile, one castaway secretly embarks on a stakeout to gather intel from the competition and another castaway falls hard while attempting to collect coconuts from the treetops.
10. Chaos Is My Friend Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:02 One castaway's bidding strategy at the Survivor auction could pay off for them. Meanwhile, castaways draw rocks for a huge advantage in the game, and another castaway decides to show off his idol in an attempt to ensure his safety.
11. Havoc to Wreak Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:03 During an intense challenge, castaways attempt to crack the code and earn a spot in the final five. Additionally, one castaway's paranoia threatens another's stake in the game, and Tony's closest confidant is wooed by another alliance.
12. Straw That Broke the Camel's Back Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:01 Castaways scale new heights as they battle for a guaranteed spot in the final four. Meanwhile, friends become enemies when one castaway overhears plans for her eviction, and Tony comes up with a strategy for his special Immunity idol.
13. It's Do Or Die Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:23 Eyeing a spot in the final three, one castaway pulls one of the greatest comebacks in Survivor history, and the final castaways face a bitter jury when pleading their case for the $1 million prize.
14. Live Reunion Show Get Subtitle Mirror 2 28:26 The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season. Hosted by Jeff Probst.
15. Season 28 Preview Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:16 Get a first look at the new season of Survivor: Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty.
16. Survivor: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty - Meet the Cast Get Subtitle Mirror 2 38:56 Meet the cast of Survivor: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Best season of the 2010s!

    By jharrington7

    This is by far the best all new player season in the 2010s! Although no season will ever beat heroes vs villains, this is in a close 2nd!
  • Finale available elsewhere, why not here?

    By S27Fan

    I see that the finale of this season is available on Amazon Prime and not here - which tells me the issue is with iTunes, not with CBS. I will take my business elsewhere next time for sure. This late-posting issue, while better this season, hasn’t been fully resolved — and has continued way too long. Ridiculous.
  • Doesn't upload right away

    By Randyvip

    It's horrible how they don't upload the finale episode right away and it's all over the news. I called itunes for this but they don't have control. They told me i have to contact the developer. I'm done with this slow upload. I'm not buying the next series anymore.
  • Well 2 days after the finale aired, still cannot watch

    By Angie2424

    The finale for this season aired on Wednesday the 20th and today it's Friday the 22nd of May, and still the episode is not posted. Incredible. This is the only show I've ever experienced this kind of lag with. Thanks CBS for your timeliness. This is the last time I'll be purchasing a season pass for one of your shows.
  • Why the long wait

    By The ninja dinosaur

    The show is great however itunes takes forever to get the finally on here. Very disappointing especially considering i spend at least $100 a month on itunes.
  • Two Days is Too Long to Get the Episode

    By j4nb

    It's been 2 days since the finale and reunion show. Why can't iTunes provide the episodes in a reasonable amount of time? It was available on the CBS website the next morning (22nd). Low rating for iTunes, not Survivor.
  • Release it!

    By Gtls84

    Awesome show, but hate the late releases!
  • Horrifying

    By Chizuk

    How is the finale not up by Friday?!?!?!
  • I'm done

    By Josephnsa

    Once again, iTunes is not releasing the episode (the finale, for heaven's sake) and is making its most loyal customers wait for an indefinite amount of time for something they've already paid for. Who knows when the episode will be posted? It's Friday and the finale was on Wednesday. I wonder how many people have already been spoiled while they wait patiently. The funny thing is that, since iTunes has been failing a lot lately with various episodes of things ( I didn't think they'd be so stupid to do this with a finale, but hey, you guys managed to surprise me) I decided to stay home and watch the 3 hour finale live because I had a feeling this would happen. Again. So even though I already paid for it, I had to adjust my schedule to fit in a three hour finale because I knew deep down that iTunes was going to let me down. Seeing as it's Friday and the episode still isn't posted I will promise you guys that I will never, ever use iTunes for a current show again. I gave you guys so many chances and you have proven time and time again that you are not dependable. How can you treat your customers this way? How many people have been spoiled while they wait for you to do what you were supposed to do days ago? I'm done, iTunes. You've finally managed to shake off your most loyal customer. You win. It's too easy and far less expensive to watch these shows others ways. I simply cannot and will not feel sorry for businesses like iTunes that are being crushed by illegal sites because of the way iTunes has been treating its customers for the past few years by regularly doing things like this. How in the world are we supposed to do the "right" thing these days when businesses like iTunes seem to be trying their very best to get us to leave them? The answer is simple: we don't. You win, iTunes. I'll watch my shows elsewhere CHEAPER and ON TIME.

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