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  • Release Date: 2006-09-15
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 16
  • Produced by: Survivor

Stranded in the heart of the South Pacific on the Cook Islands, this group of 20 Survivors is the series' most ethnically diverse cast to date. The castaways will initially be organized into four tribes divided along ethnic lines before merging later in the season. In addition, at least one castaway each week will be banished to Exile Island. While being separated from the tribe is not necessarily desirable, an Immunity Idol hidden on Exile Island could save whoever retrieves it from being voted out at a future Tribal Council. Don't miss the most unique season of <i>Survivor</i> yet, hosted by Jeff Probst and featuring Adam, Becky, Billy, Brad, Candice, Cao Boi, Cecila, Cristina, Jenny, Jessica, Jonathan, J.P., Nathan, Ozzy, Parvati, Rebecca, Sekou, Stephannie, Sundra and Yul. Who will outwit, outlast and outplay all others to become Sole Survivor and win the $1 million?

Survivor, Season 13: Cook Islands English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-16

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Episode 1301 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:42 The 20 castaways stranded on the Cook Islands are divided into four tribes along ethnic lines: African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and White. Once the tribes are formed, they set up camp and get to know one another. After the exhausting Reward and Immunity Challenge, the losing tribe gets one perk: they can send someone to Exile Island. During Tribal Council, one castaway is voted off the island.
2. Episode 1302 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:42 At the Aitu camp, Billy quickly becomes a deficit to his tribe and his tribe mates become conflicted over what to do. Do they push to win the challenge and keep their tribe intact or throw it so they can vote Billy out? After just a short time in the Cook Islands, one castaway is already claiming their affections toward another. Love is in the air - or is it? Tension mounts between Jonathan and Adam when Adam refuses to waste his energy on what he sees as a "stupid" task.
3. Episode 1303 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:58 Having sized up her tribe, a giddy and flirtatious Parvati starts using the only strategy she knows: to manipulate the men and draw them into her "web." Jonathan quickly grows frustrated with Jessica when he tries to talk strategy and she seemingly wants nothing to do with "playing the game." Nate shocks himself when he scores big while spear fishing and brings back enough food for the entire tribe.
4. Episode 1304 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:42 Can the men and women of one tribe find a way to pull it together and work as a team, or will their gender division be their downfall? When Candice returns from Exile Island, her tribemates want to know why she thinks the other tribe decided to send her, thus keeping her safe from Tribal Council. J.P.'s dominance and controlling demeanor around camp anger some of the women in his tribe. Will this behavior put a target on his back? As the only member left from his original tribe, Ozzy proves his worth by catching a feast of fish, but will this be enough to keep him in the game?
5. Episode 1305 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:33 While exploring the islands around their camp, some Aitu tribe members unknowingly land on Raro's island and walk into their camp. The awkward encounter makes the Raro tribe testy when one Aitu tribe member asks for some of Raro's coconuts and spices. Adam catches a large octopus, but Christina, whose bossy attitude is already annoying her tribe, accidentally lets the octopus escape while rinsing it off in the ocean. Trust and individual work ethic becomes a big issue with both tribes. As the Raro tribe continues to be split by gender, will the men of the tribe prove their worth or will they be picked off one by one?
6. Episode 1306 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:42 After a feast is put on the line as a Reward, the castaways are left in shock when Jeff Probst tells both tribes they'll be going to Tribal Council that night. At Raro, Cristina feels alienated from her tribe after Adam says she is annoying. Meanwhile, one Survivor proposes a plan that may expose the hidden Immunity Idol. Will others follow along or will "Plan Voodoo" backfire on the instigator? One tribe member finds it hard to play the game with integrity and honesty and battles with feelings of guilt. In the end, two castaways are voted off the island.
7. Episode 1307 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 Loads of never before-seen-footage includes a scene where Candice and Adam go on a boat trip only to encounter a storm that leaves them cold and shivering and stranded on a sandbar. Another new scene involves Yul who, after discovering the Immunity Idol on Exile Island, decides to cover the evidence by taking the small box that once held his prize, wrapping it in coconut husks and setting it adrift. During their individual time on Exile Island, Jonathan, Adam and Candice search in vain for the Immunity Idol. In addition, the Raro tribe enjoys their wine reward around a campfire and the normally soft-spoken Stephannie becomes deliriously drunk and nearly passes out.
8. Episode 1308 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 After one castaway collapses from exhaustion during the Reward Challenge, the burden of completing the challenge is left to their other tribemates. When one Survivor chooses to sit out the physical portion of the Reward Challenge, the rest of the tribe becomes resentful of this person after their loss. With little shelter available, a raging storm makes one castaway's trip to Exile Island a nightmare. And, the eighth castaway is voted off the island.
9. Episode 1309 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 A major twist at the Reward Challenge results in betrayal and leaves one tribe stunned. How will this turn of events affect the castaways' morale? Banished to Exile Island, one Survivor worries about being away from their tribe at a critical bonding time. One castaway desperately tries to fit in with their tribe, but suddenly finds they're on the outside. As one tribe bonds at their Reward, sharing mementos from home, the other tribe struggles to find common ground. And, the ninth person is voted off the island.
10. Episode 1310 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:18 An obvious flirtation between Adam and Candice is beginning to concern some of their tribemates. Jonathan hopes that his efforts to provide for his new tribe will protect him from elimination despite being low on the totem pole of the Raro tribe. Will one tribe's bickering and inability to work together cost them a festive Reward? Emotions run high as one Survivor is betrayed by friends and unanimously banished to Exile Island. After losing the Immunity Challenge, the defeated tribe is handed a sealed bottle containing a message that will be read at Tribal Council after they have sent someone home. What is the message and how will it change the course of the game?
11. Episode 1311 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:34 When the Raro tribe of five merges with the Aitu tribe of four, Yul realizes he needs to sway one of the old Raro tribe members to join his underdog Aitu alliance. To do so, he decides to reveal his possession of the hidden Immunity Idol to a few select tribemates. Will the castaways stay true to their alliances or will this news stir up the game? Also, one castaway considers betraying their alliance at Tribal Council, but worries that this decision will cause drama back at camp.
12. Episode 1312 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:12 Jonathan is berated by Parvati, Candice and Adam for turning on their Rarotonga alliance. With nothing left to lose, the three of them try to convince the Aitu alliance that Jonathan cannot be trusted. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways are left stunned when one of them reveals some shocking news to the group. The Immunity Challenge tests the Survivors' recollection of the past 30 days of the game. Which castaway's memory will serve them well and keep them safe for another week? At Exile Island, one tribe member's spirit takes a beating. How will their seclusion from the tribe affect their morale?
13. Episode 1313 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:48 Prior to the Reward Challenge, Parvati is seriously hurt when she slices her finger with a machete, forcing the Medical Team to arrive at camp. How will this injury affect her position in the game and her ability to perform at the Reward Challenge? One alliance devises a plan to hide food from their competing tribe members in an effort to make them hungry and weak. At the Immunity Challenge, balance and agility are assets.
14. Episode 1314 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:32 Parvati and Adam vow to win challenges and manipulate players in order to stay in the game. Will they be successful in turning the tides? The Reward Challenge forces the castaways to get down and dirty in exchange for luxury pampering away from camp. Relaxing time at the Reward allows one castaway to talk strategy with an otherwise enemy. Can this outsider plant a seed that could turn the game around? Concerned about one of their ally's strengths, two tribemates talk about breaking up the Aitu alliance sooner than discussed. One castaway is caught trying to manipulate a member of the Aitu alliance just before Tribal Council...will they be shrewd enough to change the course of the game?
15. Episode 1315 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 35:55 As the number of remaining tribemates dwindles down, Aitu's members are forced to think about turning on each other. Will this strong alliance finally crumble? At the first Immunity Challenge, the Survivors must complete an obstacle course that ends with the most difficult puzzle in Survivor history. Later, endurance is a key factor in the final challenge for Immunity. Who will be the last one standing to secure a chance at $1,000,000? In the end, the final Survivors battle it out to convince the jury that they are most deserving of the $1,000,000 prize. Who will walk away with the money and the title of Sole Survivor?
16. Episode 1316 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 33:54 Jeff Probst asks the castaways some tough questions after the winner of SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS is crowned. Did Ozzy believe he had the votes to win? How does Yul feel now that it's all over? And did Billy mean it when he declared his love for Candice? Find out now in this town hall forum, shot live after the season finale.

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Viewer Reviews

  • My Personal Favorite Survivor Season

    By mamilo1

    I'm a hardcore Survivor fan and this is my favorite Survivor Season. If you can get past the controversy of the Tribes being divided by Race, then there's a lot to love about it. You have 20 new Castaways and Exile Island makes a return. Survivor Legends introduced here include Billy Garcia, Ozzy, Parvati, Jonathan Penner, Yul and Candice. In this season you'll see showmances, the most physical/athletic dominating castaway in the show's history, a Final Tribal Council that essentially boils down to Brains vs Brawn and one of the best Auctions. I highly recommend it.
  • Great show

    By Trevor_Ten

    This is a great show. One of my favorite seasons by far.
  • hi

    By KillZone1593

    this show is the best show ever

    By Ultimate Survivor fan

    What an amazing season. This could be one of the best seasons Survivor has had. It has such great twists and unique challenge. The intro for this season is one of my all time favorite intros EVER. And during the votes for the million, it came down to a couple things and either way it could have gone down either way. This season is definetely a memorable season and I will ALWAYS remember this season for the rest of my life. :D
  • EPIC Season

    By PioFire

    Definately in my top 5 Seasons of survivor. The twists are EPIC and the casting of castaways is 11 out of 10 stars.
  • Team Parvati!!!

    By Sweeeeeet n soooouuurrr

    I was team Parvati all the way and she shouldve won because she was a good strategic player and physical player...when she was vote out I wwas devistated!!! But it's okay she's played two other times and won atleast once so I'm satisfied!! SOCCER PLAYERS UNITE!!!
  • Awesome season

    By Bwhauf

    My favorite survivor season
  • Rudy and bollocks

    By Ecstealth

    Best season ever with all the aspects, underdog story, strategy, mutiny, drama u name it.
  • Great season!

    By ~Jordan~

    This is still one of my favorite seasons! You won't be disapointed!

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