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Survivor, Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains English Subtitles

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  • Release Date: 2010-02-11
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 15
  • Produced by: Survivor

<i>Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains</i> will reunite some of the most memorable, heroic, and controversial castaways from previous <i>Survivor</i> seasons. The series' best strategists will face off in their attempt to overcome — or embrace — the label placed upon them when they return to seek revenge or redemption, all in an effort to win the title of Sole Survivor. These unforgettable castaways will compete deep in the South Pacific on the breathtaking island of Samoa and will be divided into two tribes of ten comprised of the best heroes and biggest villains ever to play the game. The heroes have been defined by their decisions of integrity, courage, and honor, while the villains have mastered their skills of deception, manipulation, and duplicity. The series will follow the relationships and conflicts that develop among the two divergent groups. Ultimately, some castaways will be forced to choose between pre-existing relationships or tribe loyalty in the spirit of competition. What happens on a tribe full of heroes? Will the villains self-destruct, or will they be able to co-exist?

Survivor, Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-15

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Slay Everyone, Trust No One Get Subtitle Mirror 2 25:04 In one of the most physical reward challenges ever played, injuries threaten to send two castaways home before the first challenge is completed.
2. It's Getting the Best of Me Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:35 Backstabbing and dissention run rampant in one tribe as a castaway reveals that old grudges die hard and makes a move to put a former ally on the chopping block. Meanwhile, one Villain pushes so hard to provide for the tribe that he passes out cold.
3. That Girl Is Like a Virus Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 One of the most powerful women in the game targets a worthy adversary and gets aggressive in her efforts to oust an immediate threat.
4. Tonight, We Make Our Move Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:36 The two tribes each search for a hidden immunity idol within their respective camps. Meanwhile, Coach believes everyone is against him, and the Villains get frustrated with Russell.
5. Knights of the Round Table Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:06 An important hierarchy is established between a pair of conniving allies and a plan is hatched to oust one of the strongest and most prominent players in the game.
6. Banana Etiquette Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:03 When the castaways discover that two people will be sent packing in a rare double elimination, everyone scrambles to save their own skin, and one castaway surprises everyone and risks it all at Tribal Council.
7. I'm Not a Good Villain Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:38 Hurt and betrayed by a close ally, one castaway learns the hard way that loyalty isn't always easy, and one powerhouse learns from experience that old grudges die hard.
8. Expectations Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:35 Struggling to keep their tribe intact, the "Heroes" vow to work together as long as it takes to ensure that they outlast the "Villains." Meanwhile, the "Villains" begin to turn on one another after one tribe member makes a costly mistake at the Reward Challenge.
9. Survivor History Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:36 Convinced that a women's alliance is running the Villains tribe, The Heroes develop a risky strategy in an effort to align themselves with one of the game's most notorious players.
10. Going Down In Flames Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:35 Reunited on the merged tribe, two old friends rekindle an alliance but trust doesn't come easily, and one castaway makes an unprecedented play, setting the stage for one of the most surprising Tribal Councils in Survivor history.
11. Jumping Ship Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:36 With two swing votes hanging in the balance, no one can be sure of their safety heading into Tribal Council, and even the most formidable villain in the game makes a potential miscalculation.
12. A Sinking Ship Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:31 Sensing that he is in danger, a hero makes a bold move to save himself by fooling the entire tribe. Meanwhile, a vicious power struggle emerges in one alliance and two of the strongest villains find themselves pitted against one another.
13. Loose Lips Sink Ships Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:52 The final six get the chance to earn time with their loved ones in a fiercely fought reward challenge. Desperate for options, the remaining heroes make an unexpected ally, hoping to turn the game around.
14. Anything Could Happen Get Subtitle Mirror 2 35:46 As the final tribal council draws near, Survivors struggle to stay on top of their game as alliances crumble and everyone starts to play for themselves.
15. Reunion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 34:45 The winner is revealed as the twenty castaways reunite to discuss their experiences.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Zach ARY o BENTLEY


    Zach ARY o BENTLEY
  • Great Season!

    By Mainevent1005

    This was my favorite season of Survivor!
  • Russell was the best player

    By monkeydogentertainment

    I feel bad for Russell to lose twice to people who had no play in the game. I agree with Russell, that the US people should have a vote. Russell - many of my friends would have voted for you!
  • Worth watching

    By Stevenchina1989

    This season is worth watching. If you’re new to Survivor series, this season is a must watch.
  • Español

    By Elías Yerko

    Quiero saber si los capítulos pueden estar subtitulado o están doblado ?
  • Best Season Yet

    By dmlaninga

    After 20 seasons, Survivor has hit its stride. The amount of strategy shown in this season is incredible. A must watch!

    By Mahsen1995

    Parvati is the best of the best! BEST survivor player ever in my opinion!
  • SurvivorFan

    By Ultimate Survivor fan

    Great season. ONE OF THE BEST SEASONS SINCE MICRONESIA: Fans Vs. Favorites. Great moments and great surprises. Highly reccommend buying this season. Survivor fans and NEW Survivor fans won't be disappointed. I promise.
  • I LOVE all-star seasons and this doesn't dissapoint.

    By PioFire

    All the best survivors. This season won't disappoint you.

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