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Call the Midwife, Season 3 English Subtitles

Genre: Drama

Rated 7.1 From 108 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2014-03-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 9
  • Produced by: Call the Midwife

This season, Chummy, PC Noakes and baby Freddy are back in the East End and Jenny faces huge challenges both personally and professionally. At Christmas, when an unexploded World War II bomb is found under a warehouse close to Nonnatus House, the nuns and dozens of local families find themselves homeless. Meanwhile, Dr. Turner is in a race against time to immunize children against polio.

Call the Midwife, Season 3 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-9

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Christmas Special 2013 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 14:27 In Poplar, Christmas 1958 is not just about the opening of presents, but also about the closing of deep wounds. Wartime trials are relived - and a new enemy confronted - before peace and love are restored.
2. Episode 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:01 As Jenny struggles to care for exhausted mother Merle Vickers and her two sickly sons, it is Sister Monica Joan who holds the key to the diagnosis of their mystery illness. Meanwhile, Chummy calls on her royal connections for the official opening of the new prenatal and baby clinic, and Nonnatus House welcomes a new resident, Sister Winifred.
3. Episode 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:58 Jenny is delighted to be promoted to acting sister, but she soon finds herself dealing with her most challenging case yet. Elsewhere, Cynthia spearheads a new birthing practice for the expectant mothers of Poplar, Sister Winifred puts her green-fingered skills to good use, and Chummy continues to juggle her work and home lives.
4. Episode 3 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:01 Sister Julienne receives a phone call from Holloway Prison where the SalvationArmy, who normally provide midwifery for female inmates, have been struck down with influenza. She is called to care for the women and asks Trixie to help her. Shelagh suffers heartbreak when a routine pregnancy check turns out to be something far more serious.
5. Episode 4 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:01 Jenny is concerned that a Jewish patient, Leah, is struggling to cope with her mother’s sickness and agoraphobia, on top of her own pregnancy. But with the arrival of her granddaughter, Mrs Rubin makes her first steps in years. Jenny rushes to Alec’s side when he is in a terrible accident and Shelagh tries to cope with her bad news.
6. Episode 5 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:01 Sister Julienne and Cynthia are busy packaging up donated clothing for charity.Dr Turner suggests that Shelagh takes over the running of Nonnatus House so that an exhausted Sister Julienne can recuperate. Nonnatus House also sees the arrival of new nurse, Patsy. Her no-nonsense, hard-working attitude and sense of humor means she's an immediate hit with the nuns and midwives.
7. Episode 6 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:58 As the midwives set off for their rounds, they get waylaid by Tom, the local curate, and Fred, who are trying to spruce up an old bus outside Nonnatus House. Tom is clearly keen on Trixie and asks if she would like to join him for a day of cricket.Patsy appears to be struggling to adapt to the unpredictable and chaotic working life that midwifery brings.
8. Episode 7 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:01 Cynthia is concerned during a visit as she feels new mother Pamela is overly anxious. Dr Turner arranges for a psychiatrist to visit but on their return, Pamela and the baby are missing. Dr Turner and Shelagh continue with the adoption process but one of his references from a man he served with during the war leads to the uncovering of a devastating secret.
9. Episode 8 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:01 As preparations are made for Chummy to nurse her dying mother at home, Jenny finds herself drawn to help. While Shelagh and Dr Turner await news from the Adoption Society, Shelagh pulls out all the stops when she enters her choir into a competition.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Beautiful show

    By Spcintx

    I fell in love with the show and it gets better each season. Season 3 made me cry more than once. The acting is wonderful, the show is Credit to TV.
  • Best show in a long time!

    By Untouchabledisc

    Just found this gem on netflix sadly only season 1 & 2. Purchasing 3 now and so excited! it is a most see series!
  • Call the Midwife

    By ginger5622


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