SNL: 2007/08 Season Sketches subtitles

SNL: 2007/08 Season Sketches English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy

Rated 8 From 3 Ratings

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  • Release Date: 2008-09-22
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 12
  • Produced by: Saturday Night Live

Watch the 2007-08 season of <i>Saturday Night Live</i>, featuring Weekend Update co-anchors Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler. Hosts include, LeBron James, Seth Rogen, Jon Bon Jovi, Brian Williams, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, Christopher Walken and Steve Carell with special appearances by Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. Check out these selected sketches and segments from each of this season's episodes, so you can make every night a <i>Saturday Night</i>.

SNL: 2007/08 Season Sketches English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-12

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. LeBron James - September 29, 2007 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:33 NBA basketball star LeBron James hosts the season premiere of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Kanye West. Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler) looks ahead to winning the presidential election; LeBron James gives a shout out to his family watching at home in Akron, Ohio; Penelope (Kristen Wiig) is yet again out doing everyone in the room, this time at a children's auction; Andy Samberg sings in another SNL Digital Short (with Maroon 5's Adam Levine) to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Fred Armisen); LeBron James shoots a PSA for literacy and has a little trouble with one of the crew guys (Jason Sudeikis); Socially awkward Lyle Kane (Will Forte) hosts a talk show and welcomes guests (LeBron James and Bill Hader); Weekend Update with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler; TV Funhouse: Ambiguously Gay Duo; Kanye West interrupts several award shows to complain about not winning; LeBron James tells his high school guidance counselor that he's opting to go to college instead of the NBA draft. Sketches include Hillary Cold Open, Lebronologue, Commercial Parody: Dog Food, Penelope Auction, An SNL Digital Short: Iran So Far, Read to Achieve, The Lyle Kane Show, Weekend Update featuring Kenan Thompson, Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, TV Funhouse: Ambiguously Gay Duo, 106 & Park, Guidance Counselor.
2. Seth Rogen - October 6, 2007 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 55:29 Seth Rogen, star of "Knocked Up" and creator of "Superbad," hosts SNL featuring an address by Kevin Federline (Andy Samberg) sharing parenting tips; Seth Rogen's monologue that he wrote at age 13 in the event he would one day host SNL; HD Ultrasound (commercial parody), a new way for expectant fathers to watch their kids development in high definition; Sharon Osbourne (Amy Poehler), Gene Simmons (Fred Armisen) and Gerard (Andy Samberg) judge The National Douchebag Championship, where contestants compete to show who is most deserving of the title of the biggest douchebag; MacGruber (Will Forte) deals with diffusing bombs in the midst of mid-life crisis plastic surgery; Ugly kids Jeremy and Stacia (Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig) perform at their parent's dinner party; Fred Thompson (Darrell Hammond) addresses the public regarding his late entry into the 2008 presidential race and takes on rumors that he is lazy; Weekend Update (Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler) featuring Lou Dobbs (Darrell Hammond), Seth and Amy discuss Larry Craig, The New York Mets' Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya (Kenan Thompson and Fred Armisen) and Chevy Chase weighs in on the 2008 presidential race; John Stone and other colonists of Stonesville discover a new plant that they decide to cultivate; and Mad Joe Dixon (Seth Rogen) tells a fair lady (Maya Rudolph) what really turns him on.
3. Jon Bon Jovi - October 13, 2007 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:57 Grammy Award-winning rock star Jon Bon Jovi hosts SNL this week with musical guest Foo Fighters. Amy Poehler has a surreal experience in her bedroom back in 1986 when her Bon Jovi poster comes to life; Bill Hader hosts a game show "Ohhhhh" for guys from New Jersey; Al Gore (Darrell Hammond) tries fo make room for his Nobel Peace Prize amongst his other accomplishements; A Digital Short featuring Andy Samberg punching people before they eat; Dane Cook (Jason Sudeikis) doing a promo for the 2007 MLB playoffs; Weekend Update with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler featuring Rosa Santiago (Maya Rudolph), comic Nicolas Fehn (Fred Armisen), and the naked guy from Times Square (Andy Samberg); The captain of Star Cruiser One (Kristen Wiig) searches for her lost purse despite an alien attack (Kenan Thompson, Will Forte, Jon Bon Jovi); Dane Cook (Jason Sudeikis) is excited for baseball's National League Championship Series; The guys in Bon Jovi try to decide what to name the band (Jon Bon Jovi, Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Fred Armisesn); Promo for Iconoclasts featuring Bjork (Kristen Wiig) and Charles Barkley (Kenan Thompson) who are paired as guests on the show.
4. Brian Williams - November 3, 2007 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 53:13 NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams hosts SNL. This marks the first time a sitting network news anchor has hosted the show. Featured sketches include a Halloween Party with the Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler), John Edwards (Will Forte), Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) and Senator Barak Obama; Brian's monologue explaining what made him decide to host the show; Maybelline Men ­ Makeup for men (Fred Armisen); Bronx Beat ­ the ladies (Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph) welcome a guest (Brian Williams) to talk about fire safety; A Publishers Clearing House representative (Kristen Wiig) arrives on the doorstep to tell a lucky person he's won 15 million dollars; A Digital Short that shows us a day in the life of Brian Williams; Weekend Update (Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler) featuring Barbara Birmingham (Kenan Thompson) addressing her concerns for Halloween costumes being worn by today's youth and studio executive Roger A. Trivanti (Fred Armisen) explaining the possible writers' strike; Author J.K. Rowling (Amy Poehler) shares deleted excerpts with Larry King (Fred Armisen) that the popular Harry Potter character Dumbledore is gay (Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig); a reason to buy an iPhone if you're having an affair; what's happening backstage at the Democratic debate (Darrell Hammond, Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis, a cameo by Horatio Sanz); and a new theme song for Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News.
5. Tina Fey - February 23, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 45:17 Emmy Award winner and former head writer Tina Fey hosts SNL. This marks the first new show since the three-month Hollywood Writers' Strike as well as the first time Fey has hosted since she left SNL to create, executive produce and star in her award winning comedy "30 Rock." Featured sketches include Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler) squaring off against Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) in the Democratic Debate; a Monologue with Tina learning how to act like a performer from comedic legend Steve Martin; a new pill that helps control a woman's period (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Casey Wilson); a parody of Bret Michaels on the reality show "Rock of Love" (Jason Sudeikis); the game show where contestants guess "What's that Bitch Talking About" (Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader); Weekend Update (featuring Governor Mike Huckabee and Tina delivering news for women); Ed Mahoney (Jason Sudeikis) making a toast at his best friend's wedding; an advertisement for Hot Air Balloon rides (Kristen Wiig); a show featuring Daniel Day-Lewis (Bill Hader) and how much he loves Milkshakes; and a new show on NBC, "Lady Business."
6. Ellen Page - March 1, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 56:19 Academy Award nominee Ellen Page hosts an all new SNL this week. For her role as an offbeat teenager who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant in the film "Juno," Page was also recently honored as a Golden Globe, SAG and Independent Spirit Award nominee. Featured sketches include Senator Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler) squaring off again in another debate against fellow Democrat Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) with moderators Brian Williams (Will Forte) and Tim Russert (Darrell Hammond); an Editorial Response to the sketch by (the real) Senator Hillary Clinton along with Amy Poehler; and a monologue starring Ellen Page and Oscar award-winning writer of "Juno" Diablo Cody (Andy Samberg);  The Dakota Fanning Show (Amy Poehler); TV Funhouse:  The Obama Files; The College For Excellence (Fred Armisen); Digital Short: The Mirror (Andy Samberg); a movie trailer for the Other Boleyn Girl (Jason Sudeikis, Casey Wilson); Weekend Update featuring Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and political comic Nicholas Fehn (Fred Armisen); a shopping trip to Baby Gap with Virginiaca (Kenan Thompson); Peter Pan and his band of boys stealing from Captain Hook and his pirates (Bill Hader, Will Forte); and coming out after coming home from a female-based concert.
7. Amy Adams - March 8, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 50:32 Actress Amy Adams hosts SNL. Adams received an Oscar nomination for her role in the film "Junebug" and became a household name starring in the Disney blockbuster "Enchanted," for which she netted a Golden Globe. Featured sketches include Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler) receiving a 3am phone call from Barack Obama (Fred Armisen); Nearly identical twins (Amy Adams and Kristen Wiig) try to trick their new teacher into thinking they're the same person; a marriage counselor tries to help a couple who are together for different reasons (Will Forte and Amy Poehler); an SNL Digital Short with a singing hero committed to fighting crime (Andy Samberg); "Fierce:  The Hot Mess Makeover Show" on Bravo hosted by Project Runway winner Christian Siriano (Amy Poehler); Weekend Update French comedian Jean K. Jean (Kenan Thompson) and Senator Tim Calhoun (Will Forte) sharing his agenda;  Penelope one-ups everybody again, this time in traffic school (Kristen Wiig);  a commercial for Dr. Uncle Jimmy's BBQ emergency room (Will Forte); Roger Clemens (Jason Sudeikis) presents a play about the current state of the steroids crackdown in Major League Baseball; Cable access show host Tookie Styles (Kenan Thompson) looks back on the memorable moments of his show that are now available on DVD.
8. Jonah Hill - March 15, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 56:38 Jonah Hill, star of the blockbuster hit "Superbad," hosts SNL. Featured sketches include former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (Bill Hader) announcing his new law firm for embarrassing sex crimes; Jonah's monologue about how classy he is; MacGruber (Will Forte) has insecurity issues while diffusing a bomb; a new game show called "What's Your Situation" in which Jonah asks different ladies about their dating situation; Jonah plays an outspoken six year-old out to dinner at Benihana with his single father; a parody of the Suze Orman show (Kristen Wiig); an SNL Digital Short where Andy Samberg finds out Jonah is dating his dad; Tracy Morgan stops by Weekend Update to give his take on the politics and race; the Target lady is back with more awkward customer service (Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson); a special report by NBC News anchor Brian Williams (Will Forte) with news that John McCain (Darrell Hammond) is old; a new album with songs about Spaceships, Toddlers, Model T. Cars & Jars of Beer by Clancy T. Bachleratt and Jackie Snad (Will Forte, Kristen Wiig); and a face-to-face meeting to two people who met online.
9. Christopher Walken - April 5, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 52:20 Academy Award winner and film icon Christopher Walken returns again to host SNL the seventh time. Featured sketches include: Darrell and Amy, as Bill and Hillary Clinton, talk about the fact that their income was made public, showing them out to be millionaires; Christopher's Monologue - Christopher takes questions from the audience that he wrote; Annuale - A commercial parody about a pill that allows women to get their period just once a year; Christopher, a drama teacher, rewrites lyrics to the song "Greased Lighting" while directing a high school production of "Grease"; An SNL Digital Short: Laser Cats 3 - Andy and Bill play the latest "Laser Cats" film for Lorne and Senator Dodd while they are out dining at a fancy restaurant; Surprise Party - Kristen plays a woman who gets extremely excited about a surprise party; Weekend Update -  Seth and Amy, as anchors, parody the news - they welcome Andy, who plays the transgender man who made news when he revealed that he was pregnant on "Oprah"; Meet the Family - Christopher attends the Walken family reunion where everyone sounds and acts just like him; Indoor Gardening - Christopher plays a man who is afraid of plants and does a television show about how he is able to cope by putting googly eyes on them; Christopher plays a contestant on "Top Chef" who has no idea what to do when a challenge is put to him and the other contestants; Fred, as Larry King, interviews Darrell, as Jimmy Carter, about his latest book, and how no one is going to read it.
10. Ashton Kutcher - April 12, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 42:29 Ashton Kutcher hosts an all new SNL this week.  Kutcher, best-known for starring as Michael Kelso in That 70s Show as well as creating the hit MTV prank show Punk'd returns for the third time as host. Featured sketches include:  Patraeus Hearings Cold Open - Will, as General Patraeus, conducts hearings about the Iraq war, and interviews the Presidential candidates about the books they have written;  Ashton walks around the studio during his monologue, showing the audience how he produces;  Kenan, a nightclub bouncer, refuses entry to Ashton, but allows practically everyone else under the sun into his club; An SNL Digital Short: Daiquiri Girl - A music video featuring Andy, a gross singer who performs a lame song about a girl who drinks daiquiris;  Kristen, as Jamie Lee Curtis, poops in her pants while doing a commercial for Acitivia yogurt;  Weekend Update - this week, Seth and Amy welcome Kristen, as nervous travel expert Judy Grimes who blathers on while repeating "just kidding"; and Fred, as alternative comic Nicholas Fehn who never completes his punchlines; Death by Chocolate #1 - Ashton plays a candy bar mascot who murders a hobo;  The Mellow Show - Andy, as Jack Johnson, welcomes Bill, as Dave Matthews, and Ashton, as John Mayer, onto his talk show;  Death by Chocolate #2 - Ashton, a candy bar mascot, murders a doctor and an old woman in a hospital;  Death by Chocolate #3 - Ashton, a candy bar mascot, attacks Andy with a chainsaw.
11. Shia LaBeouf - May 10, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 56:29 Actor Shia LaBeouf hosts an all-new SNL this week. LaBeouf starred in the 2007 blockbuster hit Transformers and can be seen in the upcoming film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Hillary Message Cold Open - Amy, as Hillary Clinton, delivers a message about why she should be the next President of the United States; Indiana Jones Monologue - As Shia is delivering his monologue, he is visited by actors from the first trilogy of Indiana Jones films, played by the cast; Macgruber #1: Chemical Warfare - Will, as Macgruber, tries to diffuse a bomb after finding out that his son may be gay; Game Show - A parody of Match Game with a panel of goofy celebs who find out that the host of the show has been murdered; Scared Straight - Kenan plays an ex-con who scares some deliquent youths straight after they are caught stealing a Grand Theft Auto video game; Macgruber #2: Rebel Training Camp - Will, as Macgruber, tries to diffuse a bomb after finding out that his son may be gay; Suze Orman - Kristen, as Suze Orman, offers financial advice to Shia, a sleazy club owner; An SNL Digital Short: The Best Look In the World - Andy and Shia perform a song about the best look in the world, which consists of guys wearing white dress shirts with no underwear; Update - Seth and Amy, as anchors, parody the news - this week, they welcome Kenan, who returns as his French stand up comedian Jean K. Jean and Bill & Fred, who play characters from the video game, Grand Theft Auto; Vinny Talks to Shia - Bill, as Italian talk show host, Vinny Vedecci, interviews Shia about being a transformer; Macgruber #3: Angel Dust Production Lab - Will, as Macgruber, tries to diffuse a bomb after finding out that his son may be gay; He Likes You - Kristen and Amy realize that they are being admired by men in a restaurant who stare at them with creepy gazes and weird smiles; Girls Trying On Clothes - Amy plays a Southern mother who is in a dressing room with Shia and Kristen, her two daughters, who are trying on clothes.
12. Steve Carell - May 17, 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:59 Sketches include Commencement Cold Open, Carell Monologue, Clinton/Obama Ad, Deal Or No Deal, Digital Short: Japanese Office, Mccain In One, Update (Sen. Mccain "Mccain Address"/Kenan & Darrell "Sharpton & Jackson"), The Charlie Flitt Show, Cpr Class, Bless This Child, & Goodnights & Credits

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Viewer Reviews

  • Ripped Off Again.

    By Dostendorf

    Wow, I thought I read description carefully and that the Rock of Love 2 parody was on this episode. NOPE. False advertising as far I am concerned. Won't make the same mistake twice. Don't you make the mistake the first time!
  • Cut the only skit I wanted

    By Ami in DE

    The only reason I bought episode 3 was to get the Bon Jovi RAI Italian TV skit and it was cut! I try to be legit, but now I have to go wasting time looking for a copy on the internet. Hey, NBC maybe you can buy a clue and realize that if you want people to not pirate maybe you should give them what they pay for (as in full episodes)...
  • I liked it!!! Must be the only one...

    By MADKC4Ever

    I basically buy SNL shows cuz my favorite stars are hosting, and this time I only bought the Jon Bon JOvi episode cuz i LUV him and SNL is hillarious. So I didn't realy care that the musical performances aren't up, because I didn't really care about it. All i cared about was seeing Bon Jovi. so ya :) GO SNL
  • five stars

    By peacelovesnl

    These sketches are some of the best. Even if they do edit some of the skits out, the sketches left are still hilarious and classic. I recommend buying if you are a fan of more than one sketch, though, in case the one you're looking for is cut. By the way, someone who commented earlier asked about a Fred Armisen character who appears on Update reading headlines from newspapers. His name is Nicholas Fehn and has appeared in seasons 33, 34, and 35.
  • Bon Jovi Episode

    By =] x2

    So I bought the Bon Jovi episode so I could watch the Vinny Talks: Jon Bon Jovi sketch because it is not available on line. That is the skit that they chose to remove. WTH?? I mean I understand about the music with copyright stuff but their own skits? What reason is there to not include some of the funnniest skits. How else will we watch them?? or shall they go into oblivion?? This makes absolutely no sense and I want a refund!
  • why can't my baby do her booty back and forth???

    By trisaratops92

    I love the episode with ellen page. my favorite skit is when she and kenan go to baby gap. SOOO funny :)
  • uggggh wheres amber!

    By maddi337

    i bought the tina feey episode to try and find a skit with amy poehler as amber cuz that is the BEST! i cant find any amber skits anywhere it is ridiculous
  • No musical guest?

    By Anonymous_876

    Why didn't they include the musical guest?
  • Bon Jovi

    By Frippeneno

    I bought the Bon Jovi and Shia LeBeuf episodes for the Vinny Vedecci interviews, The Bon Jovi episode seems to have omitted the skit. WTF! Itunes thats why I paid for the whole episode! Pretty lame that they don't give us the whole episode!

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