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Genre: Comedy

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  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
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1. Presidential Bash 2008 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 24:24

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<i>SNL</i> continues its tradition of satirizing politics, presidential campaigns, and the election process with the <i>2008 Presidential Bash</i>. Check out all of your favorite classic impressions of politicians, including Chevy Chase as President Gerald Ford, Dana Carvey as President George Bush and Ross Perot, and Jon Lovitz as Michael Dukakis. And the 2008 presidential race has been especially good to <i>SNL</i> with appearances by Senator Hillary Clinton, Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Barack Obama, and Senator John McCain. But when they're not available, SNL's Tina Fey, Darrell Hammond, Jason Sudeikis, and Fred Armisen make sure their impressions of the candidates are right on the money.

Viewer Reviews

  • great show but 2 expensive

    By jonnd13

    i absolutely loved whn this premiered on tv and was soooo happy to find this on iTunes. the only problem is...the price. it's rediculous. thy will make more money by lowering the price and getting more people to buy it.
  • What The Heck... WAY Overpriced

    By ctomyan

    What the heck. This was a really great episode, but it aired on national TV, so it should be 1.99 - 2.99, depending on SD-HD. Instead, they're charging $10 for 1.5 hours of TV. Seriously iTunes... Get a life
  • I loved it, but there's no way I'm paying 10 bucks for this

    By violetfireflies

    This was SUCH a good episode, and I was really excited to buy it off of iTunes. But really? 10 dollars? There is no way that I'm paying that much for one episode.
  • Presidential Bash - SNL

    By Googan

    The text description of this special was misleading. The old Bush classics were scarce and truncated. Too much new Obama stuff. Wish I hadn't bought it.
  • Outrageous

    By Mr.Dr.Pepper

    Ourtageous price, 10 dollars, I could buy 3 normal SNL episodes for that much, LOWER THE PRICE and I would buy it.
  • Rippoff

    By thtty

    Ten dollars why can't it be like all the others !!!!!
  • 9.99 ??? In this economy???

    By wehoshauny

    A nice compilation of presidential election sketches [70s-80s-90s? 2008] with pricing that seem consistent with current zeitgeist of greed...or maybe Palin campaign fund raising tactics - asking alot for a whole lot of nothing [worth 9.99, at least] the clips on NBC & Save your money for healthcare!
  • Funny!!!

    By yz2907

    I saw this on TV and my face almost froze! I don't know why people say $10 is too much to pay it's as long as a movie so you should pay the price of a movie. I would pay that for it, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen! I don't like them showing some of the clips from twenty years ago but all in all it's an awsome show. P.S. I didn't mean to put that as my name but it's stuck that way now :(
  • Too Expensive Too "Not" HD

    By jpsoraire

    This is waaaay too much money for something that isn't even HD. I would pay $10 if it was in HD iTunes. I'm sorry, but I give this 2 stars. Please make this available in HD

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