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  • Release Date: 2015-08-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 31
  • Produced by: Project Runway

Emmy®-nominated Project Runway returns with Season 14 and sixteen new hopefuls compete for fashion glory. Emmy-winning Heidi Klum and judges Nina Garcia and Zac Posen along with mentor Tim Gunn keep their eyes out for the best and the brightest new designers. And remember, no decision is ever final because Tim Gunn has the power to ‘save’ one designer from being eliminated. Guest judges include Bella Thorne (Scream) and Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) and Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer (UnREAL). The judges know what they like and what they don’t. Will the contestants impress or will they come unpinned?

Project Runway, Season 14 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-31

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Project Runway: Road to the Runway Season 14 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 41:21 Tim Gunn will provide fans with an exclusive sneak peek into the lives and designs of Project Runway's most passionate and talented cast to date.
2. Mad Dash Mayhem Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:26 Sixteen talented, spunky and full of life designers arrive at Madison Square Garden to kick off a new season of Project Runway. They are greeted by Heidi and Tim who have them do a mad dash around the venue for fabric. Supermodel and Project Runway Junior host Hannah Davis is the guest judge.
3. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #1 "Mad Dash Mayhem" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:53 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
4. It's All in the Cards Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:19 In the first unconventional materials challenge of the season the designers use greeting cards as their materials. Once in hand, each designer must decide how to read the cards in order to win the challenge. Ashley Tisdale joins the judges.
5. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #2 "It's All in the Cards" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:01 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
6. Shut Up and Sew Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:30 In the first team challenge of the season, the designers are paired up and treated to a day on a Celebrity Cruise ship. For some of the duos, the friendly seas are left behind and they hit some rocky water in the workroom. Tracee Ellis Ross guest judges.
7. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #3 "Shut Up and Sew" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:19 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
8. Fashion Flip Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:29 The designers finally get to go to Mood and they are thrilled! They must put a modern and unique twist on a classic design. Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka joins as a guest judge.
9. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #4 "Fashion Flip" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:46 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
10. Gunn and Heid Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:25 Tensions arise when the designers split into two teams and battle for their fabrics in a fierce paintball competition. After capturing their fabrics for a six-piece collection, the teams receive a big surprise once the paint dries on the battlefield! Project Runway Junior's Kelly Osbourne and Lisa Perry guest judge.
11. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #5 "Gunn and Heid" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:31 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
12. Lace to the Finish Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:35 In an episode full of surprises, Heidi challenges the designers to create lingerie for her line. The exhausted designers get a rude awakening on the runway. Actress Bella Thorne serves as a guest judge.
13. Winner & Loser Interview: Episode #6 "Lace to the Finish" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:04 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
14. Haute Tech Couture Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:06 In their second unconventional materials challenge, the designers go dumpster diving for recycled electronics in order to merge the worlds of fashion and technology. Actress Paula Patton and Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire Magazine, Anne Fulenwider, guest judge.
15. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #7 "Haute Tech Couture" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:42 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
16. Broadway or Bust Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:12 The magic and glamour of Broadway serve as inspiration for the designers' new challenge as they create fashionable looks based on the musical, Finding Neverland. One designer upstages the entire competition. Supermodel Coco Rocha guest judges.
17. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #8 "Broadway or Bust" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:35 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
18. Make It Sell Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:12 The designers must create ready-to-wear looks to be reproduced and sold online. Disagreement between the judges leads to the most contentious runway yet! Singer/songwriter Ciara guest judges.
19. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #9 "Make it Sell" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:33 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
20. Crew's All In Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:31 The designers must makeover real women... from our own Project Runway crew! Tim reaches his breaking point with one designer in the most explosive episode yet! UnREAL's Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer guest judge.
21. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #10 "Crew's All In" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:37 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
22. The Runway's in 3D! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:23 The future is now as the designers use 3D printing technology to create avant garde fashion! It's the most fashion forward challenge yet. Pop icon, Mel B., guest judges.
23. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #11 The Runway's in 3D! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:46 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
24. Roll Out The Red Carpet Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:14 In their final challenge before Fashion Week, the designers travel to the glamour capital of the world, Los Angeles, to create red carpet looks. One designer takes a huge risk with everything at stake.
25. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #12 "Roll Out the Red Carpet" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:45 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
26. Finale Part 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:55 The designers are heading home to work on their collections and prepare for a home visit from Tim. Once back in New York they are met with another twist.
27. Finale Part 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:01 After a brutal critique with the judges, the finalists rush to retool their collections for New York Fashion Week. Superstar Carrie Underwood deliberates with the judges on who will be crowned the winner of Project Runway Season 14.
28. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #14 "Finale Part 2" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 7:19 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week’s episode.
29. Reunion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:28 The Season 14 designers and Tim come together to take care of unfinished business and settle some scores. And on this reunion, even Tim Gunn has an issue that he wants settled!
30. Tim Gunn's Ultimate Throwback Thursday Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:14 For the very first time Tim Gunn pulls back the curtains on the most explosive moments from Project Runway's past.
31. Designer Home Tours Get Subtitle Mirror 2 26:39 Meet the Season 14 designers and get a tour of their homes before the premiere of Project Runway!

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Viewer Reviews


    By Mariam.qatar

    I Thought they kept one of the weak contestant in order for her to win the title for some reason. There were a far better designers with more talent and better sewing skills but non of them won. This season is so different i do not know what happened !even Tim is not the same Tim and i think they need new judges.

    By Makeaworld

    Have been a Project Runway addict since the first season. There were a few seasons in the middle years that had such mediocre designers and i missed the dazzlers from the first...and then the drama became so obviously staged, I felt sorry for the poor folks who were already under so much pressure...this season hits the spot--exciting to watch and so well directed and shot--every bit of detail from New York street shots to workroom. You get a great sense of what the designers are building. Here and there the producers try to build tension in the most obvious ways, like poor Tim Gunn coming in to announce what we already know--that the designers have to step up their game because one will be eliminated. Obviously. But overall, we are seeing exciting fashion, new ideas and the show is fun and well-paced. I love when Zac tried to show a model how to improve her hand poses. I'm hoping Ashley ?) will put it back in gear because she is the most loveable human as well as exciting designer; anyone who is humble and creative gets my vote. It' s just a show but it has given me so much joy and entertainment over the years!
  • Love love

    By Abcdefgyzaghhywae

    Love Zac Posen he makes the show!
  • strapless back stabbing

    By larrya1950

    this season.. i’m not sure about this season. for now it seems to be: let’s make good television and not worry about design”. last week was more like an episode of mean girls… i sometimes wonder if the contestants do not realize that they are being video-tapped… and after the season ends, why would anyone want to work with them, hire them or even support them… surely there is more talent out there in the other real world than what is here in season 14.
  • Episode 10 no sound?

    By londonlady2

    Is it just me?
  • Project Runway

    By Aspen⚽️

    Love this show can't wait for new season to premier in August!!!!

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