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  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 34
  • Produced by: Project Runway

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Experience Lifetime’s Emmy-nominated reality-competition series like never before as Project Runway enters its 12th and most interactive season yet. A series first, fans can share their reactions in real time to story lines, challenges and decisions through the new on-screen feature, PlayRunway. Plus, seven super fans will be featured in an episode for a makeover, a mystery contestant from a past season, chosen by fans, will be unveiled as the 16th designer for the season and, as requested by fans, more Tim Gunn! Gunn will join host Heidi Klum and the judges to watch the runway show, answer questions about what transpired in the workroom and give them an opportunity to examine the workmanship of each design. Join celebrity guest judges, including Kate Bosworth and Sigourney Weaver, as designers compete for a prize package worth more than half a million dollars.

Viewer Reviews

  • Good Show

    By NovaStar777

    Watched the final show and the person who won was my favorite all season. Glad they won. Their really talented. Season 12 was a good season and I can recommend buying it. I've watched season 8,9,11 and 12 enjoy them all. Season 10 I just could not get into it so not watching the whole season.
  • Where is Finale Part 2??


    Where is the Finale part 2? iTunes you are advertising it, but where is it?
  • odd lateness

    By superbossmom

    I get notification by email that there is an episode available ( when I buy a season) in this instance of Finale part 2, my notification gave me access to download the episode, yet it's not on the ITunes page yet…...
  • where is the finale part two?

    By Mr Spruce

    why hasn't finale part two been released yet?
  • Finale Pt. 2???

    By CROOE

    Where is the season finale part 2! I really want to see it and I preordered the whole season. And I can't watch it. Am I the only one?
  • when will the finale part 2 post?

    By jwd241224

    ITunes doesn't post this consistently. Some days it is within hours of airing on TV. Other times days after the air date. It figures that the finale episode part 2 is delayed. This was not worth the $$. I'll watch with commercials on another website next time.
  • where is the last episode of the season? Finale Pt.2?

    By e.ld

    unfortunately I will have to agree with some other reviews that iTunes has been extremely slow this time uploading the new episodes. Very disappointed, the last episode of the Season 12 is still not on iTunes and of course I have already seen through some other media channels who won etc.
  • yet again

    By Cubsfanjan

    No finale part 2. Why not? Why does iTunes offer something they can't deliver. Whenever asked about it they blame the show for not releasing the episode. Again, why sell something if it can't be delivered???
  • Slow Delivery ITunes!

    By PRFan72

    I love this show and count the days until the next episode comes out... only to have iTunes delay the delivery for some reason. So frustrating! I've never purchased an entire season of another show so don't know if this is typically iTunes or something to do with PR specifically, but it sure is annoying.

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