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  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 14
  • Produced by: Project Runway

This season, as the fashion industry evolves, so does our runway with a new design aesthetic and additions to the judging panel: supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss joins as host with former Project Runway champion and celebrated CFDA fashion designer Christian Siriano as the mentor. ELLE Editor-in-Chief Nina Garcia returns as a judge, along with famed fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, and journalist and former Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Elaine Welteroth. The new look and feel continues with 16 new designers from across the United States and abroad who will compete for the coveted spot of a lifetime, a chance to show their collection during an exclusive runway show for industry insiders and influencers, as well as win the largest cash prize in the show's history. With an all-new runway and workroom furnished with sewing and embroidery machines by Brother, a glam room for the models outfitted by TRESemmé and Maybelline, along with challenges that embrace the nuances of the fashion industry—including flash sales, fast fashion, the inclusion of plus-size models, Instagram, a special Elton John challenge inspired by Paramount Pictures' Rocketman, and so much more. The runway game changes forever beginning now.

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1. First Impressions Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 Sixteen talented designers from all walks of life arrive in New York City for the ultimate fashion competition. Nerves are high as the designers start-off by showcasing their best looks for industry influencers and the Project Runway host and judges Karlie Kloss, Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell and Elaine Welteroth. Afterwards, the contestants meet this season's mentor, CFDA and celebrity fashion designer, Christian Siriano. The designers receive their first challenge, to create a look inspired by some of the biggest names in fashion but with a shocking and unexpected twist!
2. The Future Is Here Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The future of fashion is upon us. The button bag is back, with a stylish new makeover, as the designers are divided into teams for the first time. This week's challenge tasks the designers to create a mini-collection that shows a sneak peek into the future of fashion. The designers are shocked to find out their models will be completely transformed with special effects body modifications, inspired by Simon Huck's 'A. Human' exhibit. The designers must highlight their modification with their collections, as they fight to impress the judges with their innovative take on what's next in fashion.
3. All the Rage Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The pressure is high as the designers are tasked to create bold head-to-toe looks using a single print. One of the most influential celebrity stylists in the country, Marni Senofonte, surprises the designers by lending her expertise in this "go big or go home" challenge.
4. Survive in Style Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The designers are whisked away from their urban creature comforts for a camping trip and challenged to create survival chic looks while embracing the wilderness. Their work room, the accessories wall and the runway itself have all been moved to the woods for this unconventional materials challenge like never before. Mother nature does not cooperate as the designers battle the elements in order to stay in the competition. Marni Senofonte is back to help and only the strong will survive.
5. High Fashion to High Street Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 This week the designers get a once in a lifetime experience when they visit the atelier of the legendary Dapper Dan. Dap is the trailblazer who introduced high fashion to the hip-hop world by creating luxury streetwear. The designers are asked to create their own take on the future of streetwear, and are given just one day to complete the challenge and impress a fashion legend.
6. Power Play Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The designers take on the virtual world of fashion in this video game challenge. Three women breaking ground in the multi-billion dollar industry visit the runway, helping the designers understand how clothing for powerful women works in video games! Inspired, the designers each create their own female video game protagonists with a functional and stylish look fabulous enough to earn them an extra life in the competition.
7. Elegance Is the New Black Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The designers are surprised with an invitation to a Brandon Maxwell photoshoot featuring none other than super model and Project Runway host, Karlie Kloss. Brandon has made a career on sophisticated, elegant creations and now the final 10 will have to impress him with THEIR take on elegance! If the pressure wasn't high enough - the designers are faced with a flash sale challenge. America will vote on their looks and the winning look will be sold on!
8. Blame It On Rio Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:36 Stylist Marni Senofonte is back, this time to challenge the designers to work in her wheelhouse: celebrity styling. The designers divide into teams to create a mini-collection for their client, Deadpool's Morena Baccarin, who is heading to Rio on vacation. Some designers collaborate while others compromise, as they race to create cohesive looks that tell a vacation fashion story. Only one designer will win, and another will go on a permanent vacation from the competition.
9. The Stitch Is Back Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The designers are surprised to find their workspace decked-out in everything Elton John. They learn they'll be creating an over-the-top look inspired by the movie, Rocketman. For a project this size they'll need the help of some highly qualified assistants and are shocked to discover who they are.
10. What Do You Care About? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:36 The remaining seven designers dig deep in this challenge and use their skills to bring attention to a social cause they care deeply about. Judge Elaine Welteroth mentors each designer on channeling their creative voice for change, a skill she honed in her time at Teen Vogue. Just as the designers start to get comfortable creating this emotionally charged look, they're hit with a Flash Sale twist.
11. New York City of Dreams Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The designers head to the store and atelier of their mentor, Christian Siriano, for a look at what could be their future as the winner of "Project Runway." There, some surprise clients await: the real women who keep New York City moving! The designers are asked to create dream dresses for civic workers from the Post Office, Department of Sanitation, FDNY, NYPD and more! But they'll need to balance their own design aesthetic while delivering on their clients' dreams, otherwise this challenge could be their worst nightmare.
12. The Art of Fashion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:36 The competition is down to the final five! It's the last challenge to determine which four designers will move on to the finale. Each designer is tasked with creating their biggest and best look as well as designing an experiential art installation in which to showcase it. Cardi B and Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo join the judges to check out their creations and help determine which designers have the vision and skills to move on.
13. One Elle of a Day Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The remaining designers arrive at a new workspace to unpack their collections and learn their final challenge. Nina Garcia meets them at the Elle Magazine offices and the designers are sent spiraling when tasked with a surprise 11thlook. In the end, only three of them will move on to the compete in the finale.
14. The Final Runway Get Subtitle Mirror 2 5:35 The Finale is here! Three designers have fought for the chance to show their collections to the New York fashion elite and to the world. They will grapple with all aspects of putting together an amazing runway, from model casting to hair and make up to deciding what outfits will give them the best chance for the win. Pressure is at an all time high when they find out the guest judge is legendary designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Not the same without Tim & Heidi

    By MattHipster

    Christian is PAINFUL to watch. Not even close to as good as the REAL Project Runway... It's missing all the charm and soul.
  • Love Siriano

    By MorningGlory6

    I never thought I'd like the reboot without Tim Gunn. But I find Christian Siriano to actually be warmer than Gunn and, more importantly, far better able to offer concrete criticism. I think he's great. I only wish that, with the reboot, the contestants would have gotten two weeks and maybe fewer runway shows, because really, what can you do in a day? There's often so much bad design because of the ridiculous timeline. But I love the show anyway.
  • Disappointing

    By Annoyed1973

    I was a huge project runway fan. The revamp just doesn’t do it for me. It feels a more modern and current which is good. But it’s just not entertaining for some reason. I miss the personalities of the previous seasons which I loved. Christian as a mentor may be a big part of the problem. Talented of course but he doesn’t engage the me as a viewer. Tim Gunn is a tough act to follow.
  • Boring and Painful

    By jmr2244

    Christian is not a supportive and is no Tim. Loved Tim! The new host is no Heidi and she doesn’t seem authentic. This was always my favorite show and now I can barely recognize it.
  • We all miss Heidi ...

    By Melmopojo

    I think the new host, Karly, will get her groove. It’s freakin Christian that can never replace our boy, Tim. Christian is a bit mean spirited and just doesn’t have the love in his heart for the designers (and honestly for fashion, too) that Tim displayed every season. Thank Gawd for Nina Garcia. And the new the new judges are lovely. We’ll see. I will Keep watching because I trust the Project Runway empire. (but please replace Christian! Maybe Marne full time???)
  • Very disappointing

    By shaiel 18

    They aren't very charismatic i'm willing to give it a little more time but fear this may be the last season
  • Too many changes

    By heyytor

    I am so sad Heidi, Tim, and Michael Kors are gone! Honestly, how dare they?! Not as fun, vivacious, exciting as it was. I liked the quirks …not really feelin this cast. I used to be obsessed!
  • Needs work ...

    By Newroe

    I’m all for a reboot of the original show. However, this just isn’t working. Of course it’s early, and things can change. The first episode was I love Christian Siriano (he’s the best thing in the show) but even he is subdued for some reason. The judges (except for Nina) are boring. C’mon, guys, figure this out. This was one of my favorite shows and I want to keep watching.
  • That was a hot mess

    By Shakira without the Sha

    From the designers to the judges - painful to watch. Tim Gunn, where are you when we need you?!

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