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  • Release Date: 2014-07-24
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 31
  • Produced by: Project Runway

Emmy®-nominated Project Runway returns to Lifetime® for a remarkable Season 13 as a new class of designers compete for fashion’s top spot – along with a past designer voted back by viewers via Instagram (#RunwayRedemption). Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, along with guest judges including Julie Bowen, Elisabeth Moss, Shay Mitchell, Lindsey Vonn and Christian Siriano, will cut contestants to determine who will go to Fashion Week. No decision is ever final as Tim will have an opportunity to “save” one designer from being eliminated. You won’t want to miss the surprises in store this season!

Project Runway, Season 13 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-31

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Project Runway 13: Road to the Runway Get Subtitle Mirror 2 39:58 A look at the 19 designers chosen to participate in Season 13 of Project Runway.
2. The Judges Decide Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:17 In the premiere episode, the designers are in disbelief when they discover there is one final audition before being granted a spot on the show. The remaining designers must create a look that would give the judges a glimpse of what their spring collection would like if they present at New York Fashion Week. Emmy-nominated and award winning actress, Julie Bowen serves as a guest judge.
3. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #1 "The Judges Decide" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:53 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
4. Unconventional Movie Nite! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:05 When an afternoon of fun at a local movie theatre turns into a challenge, designers will have to show their innovative side to create a fashionable look out of unconventional materials they find in the theater and a film set. Talented fashion blogger, Garance Dore guest judge.
5. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #2 "Unconventional Movie Nite!" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:02 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
6. Welcome to the Future Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:39 Designers will have to integrate the past, present, and future in their creations when they are challenged to get inspiration from Marie Claire magazines from 20 years ago, to create looks they think will be relevant 20 years in the future. Marie Claire's Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider returns to guest judge with idol Amanda de Cadenet.
7. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #3 "Welcome to the Future" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:48 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
8. A Suitable Twist Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:37 For the challenge, designers must repurpose and remix an array of men's vintage suits to create a look for the modern woman. Youtube fashion icon, Bethany Mota guest judges.
9. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #4 "A Suitable Twist" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:41 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
10. The Klum of Doom Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:48 With the Emmy's quickly approaching, the designers will have to put together a look that is stunning enough for Heidi to wear for the Creative Arts Emmy's. Gold medalist alpine skier, Lindsey Vonn guest judges.
11. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #5 "The Klum of Doom" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 4:43 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
12. Rock the Wedding Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:34 Inspired by the new trend in untraditional wedding dresses worn by rock stars on their big day, the designers must wow the judges with their own version of an unconventional wedding dress. Femme fatale, Dita Von Teese and street-style star, Chiara Ferragni serve as guest judges.
13. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #6 "Rock the Wedding" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:55 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
14. Priceless Runway Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:37 The designers get a taste of luxury when they have to choose a piece of Chopard jewelery to base their looks around. Tim surprises the contestants with a trip to the Charles James exhibit at the Met for more inspiration. Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, will guest judge.
15. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #7 "Priceless Runway" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:07 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
16. The Rainway Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:14 Unlike any other challenge on Project Runway, the designers need to step it up when they are challenged to create avant garde looks that will be able to stand up to the elements, especially the rain. This time, the runway will be transformed into a rainway! Star of Showtime's Master of Sex, Caitlin Fitzgerald will guest judge.
17. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #8 "The Rainway" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:44 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
18. American Girl Doll Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:18 The designers have to show their inner youth when their challenge takes them to the American Girl Store. They are tasked with creating fashionable, age appropriate looks for their young female models based on the American Girl Historical Character line. Award winning actress, Elisabeth Moss guest judges.
19. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #9 "American Girl Doll" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:49 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
20. Muse On the Street Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:33 For the challenge, the designers will have to hit the New York City streets to find their muse. They must each convince a complete stranger to undergo a makeover by Mary Kay as they design a look for them. Model Asha Leo and True Detective actress Michele Monaghan guest judge.
21. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #10 "Muse On the Street" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:33 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
22. The Highest Bidder Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:44 The designers work in pairs. They bid on storage units to gather materials for their challenge. When it comes down to the final two designers for elimination the judges throw in a twist and put them to the ultimate test. Season 4 winner, Christian Siriano returns to Project Runway to guest judge.
23. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #11 "The Highest Bidder" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 3:16 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
24. Fashion Week: Who's In & Who's Out Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:37 The competition is intense in this final challenge which decides who goes to fashion week. Just when it looked as if the drama was over, it heats back up when eliminated designers return to the workroom.
25. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #12 "Fashion Week: Who's In & Who's Out" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:25 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
26. Finale Part I Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:16 Tim Gunn and the designers travel to Rome for inspiration and fabric shopping before heading home to work on their collections for New York Fashion Week.
27. Finale Part 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:23 The finalists head back to New York with their collections to present at New York Fashion Week. Guest judge, Emmy Rossum (Shameless) deliberates with the judges on who will be the winner of Project Runway Season 13.
28. Winner & Loser Interviews: Episode #14 "Finale Part 2" Get Subtitle Mirror 2 6:03 SPOILER ALERT: Watch exclusive interviews from this week's episode.
29. Season 13 Reunion Special Get Subtitle Mirror 2 40:42 The designers of Project Runway Season 13 will reunite to reflect upon the season, take care of some unfinished business and respond to the many harsh words they said about one another. For the first time since they have seen what was said behind their backs, these designers will sit in the same room and hash out how they really feel about each other. As the video plays back in front of them, no one can deny what they said. Will they kiss and make up or finally let it all out and say how they really feel...face to face?
30. Designer Home Tours Get Subtitle Mirror 2 30:25 Meet the Season 13 designers and get a tour of their homes before the premiere of Project Runway on Thursday, July 24th!
31. Project Runway: Season 13 - Sneak Peek Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:20 Catch a FREE sneak peek of Project Runway, before the new season premieres on Thursday, July 24.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Not What It Used To Be

    By pbcmedia

    I watched the final of Project Runway season 13 on Lifetime TV channel because two days after the final episode, it was still not available on ITUNES. This past season has been filled with many of these delay issues. So, it appears that buying a Season’s Pass to this program on ITUNES may also mean buying a season’s pass to frustration. This experience shall make me look elsewhere for future seasons. And, if ITUNES is listening: youreally should refund the price of our pass this season. Just sayin’.
  • Season Finale!? HELLO!?

    By cameronlovesnatalia

    I have a Season Pass. Finale happened a while ago. I can’t watch part 2 because of some error. I’ve even offered to pony up the 2.99 and pay for the episode and it says it can’t be downloaded. W.T.F. iTunes… What’s the point of giving you any money any more? As for the show, this season is WEIRD. Which is why i need to see the finale, obviously.
  • iTunes Store keeps dropping the ball

    By ItinerantRick

    Season Pass, my wife expects to watch it the night after it airs on cable, and for the second time in a month it is not available 20+ hours after it aired. The one star is for the crappy service Apple has forced upon us.
  • I hate itunes!

    By tmemedia11

    I bought the season pass. the new episode is out. They want to charge me for the episode!!!! I either wait, or I have to buy it AGAIN! Torture!
  • Episodes aren't being posted in a timely manner

    By PRisSinking

    I don't know if it is Lifetime or iTunes that is at fault here, but it's absurd these episodes are not being posted in a timely manner. I noticed something interesting about the most recent episode ("Priceless Runway")--the episode aired on 4 Sept, and iTunes indicates that it was also "released" on 4 Sept (maybe iTunes has their own special definition of the word "released," but it certainly wasn't made available for download). The episode was finally made available on 6 Sept--two days after it aired. It offends me that the pirates are able to watch this so much sooner than those of us willing to pay for the privilege. C'mon iTunes and Lifetime--you can do much better!
  • pay extra for episode 14?

    By johnstn

    why do I have to pay for episode 14 when I have a season pass?
  • Love the series but not the Season Pass!

    By sewsirius

    I love this series and purchased the season pass because it was a better deal than buying each episode individually. But in this season I've twice been eagerly waiting for the next episode which is only first available to those WITHOUT the season pass and then hours later I get an email saying it's now available. Come on iTunes! Those with a season pass have shown their dedication to the series and to you by paying up front, the least you can do is let us have the episode BEFORE those buying the individual episodes?
  • Where is it?

    By operamh

    Hi. It's a day after the episode aired and it's still not available on AppleTV even though I purchased a season pass a couple of weeks ago. C'mon iTunes, get it together! Update: on 8/1/14 the second week winner/loser interviews are are up for view but the episode itself is not. Frustrating! Update: on 9/5/12. It's been 24 hours and no new episodes yet!!!
  • No episode 7 yet?

    By jwd241224

    One star for iTunes' customer service. It is a rip off when the episodes are posted on Lifetime but not here where I paid for them. This happens a few times every season. Frustrating.

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