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Project Runway, Season 10 English Subtitles

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  • Release Date: 2012-07-19
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 15
  • Produced by: Project Runway

Emmy® Award-nominated Project Runway returns to Lifetime® with Season 10. Witness 16 fearless designers as they face many unexpected challenges along with bolts of drama behind the seams and on the runway. Designers not only have to dazzle Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, for the first time ever they have to win over a LIVE audience at a runway show in Times Square. It’s cut or be cut.

Project Runway, Season 10 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-15

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. A Times Square Anniversary Party Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:20 Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina are back to kick off Project Runway s 10th Anniversary Season with a live runway show in the middle of New York s famed Times Square where thousands are gathered to see what the new crop of designers have up their sleeve. Actress Lauren Graham and stylist/costumer Patricia Field, who was the show s first guest judge ever, serve as guest judges.
2. Candy Couture Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:16 Some designers find themselves in a sticky situation when they learn what the materials are for the beloved-- and dreaded-- unconventional challenge. Who will have sweet success and who will melt under pressure?
3. Welcome Back (Or Not) to the Runway Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:41 Teams of two must design a red carpet look for some special clients who know a thing or two about being judged, to wear to the 64th Primetime Emmy® Awards. Actress Krysten Ritter serves as the guest judge.
4. Women On the Go Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:21 Michael Kors challenges the designers to create clothes for a woman on the go whose outfit can work for day to night. But when two designers unexpectedly quit, all bets are off on who is safe on the runway, Hayden Panetierre serves as the guest judge.
5. It's My Way On the Runway Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:14 Another day, another dreaded team challenge but will the designers be able to get along long enough to create cohesive looks for Marie Claire s Woman at Work Magazine? Marie Claire Editor in Chief Joanna Coles guest judges.
6. Fix My Friend Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:26 Real women need clothes too! The designers help women in need of makeovers by creating a new looks to accompany their new hairstyles. Designer Alice Temperly guest judges.
7. Oh My Lord and Taylor Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:24 To celebrate the 10th Anniversary season, the designers get a chance of a lifetime to have their designs part of the 10 piece Project Runway Capsule Collection at Lord & Taylor that will be sold in stores and online. Bonnie Brooks from Lord & Taylor guest judges.
8. Starving Artist Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:16 They can design, but can they sell? The designers are separated into teams of three and must sell goods they make to people on the street in order to earn the money they can spend at Mood for their fabric for this challenge to create fall looks. Designer Anna Sui guest judges.
9. It's All About Me Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:23 The designers are elated for the HP challenge where they get to create their own fabric for their garment and get special home visits from their family. Project Runway alums Anya Ayoung-Chee and Mondo Guerra serve as guest judges.
10. I Get a Kick Out of Fashion Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:17 Kick up your legs and cheer! Project Runway heads to the legendary Radio City Music Hall and meet the world famous Rockettes! Designers must create a costume for the Rockettes to wear for an upcoming show. Actress Debra Messing guest judges.
11. It's Fashion Baby Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:26 Fashion isn't for babies - or is it? The designers find themselves babysitting and designing at the same time when Heidi asks them to create looks for her Babies R Us collection. Some designers will be left crying for their mamas when they get to the runway. New mom actress Hilary Duff guest judges.
12. In a Place Far, Far Away Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:16 This is the last challenge before Heidi announces who will be going to Fashion Week! The designers are brought to a magnificent location to spark their inspiration for their final challenge where they learn they must create avant-garde looks. Actress, Zoe Saldana serves as guest judge.
13. Finale, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 1:47 After their hometown visits with Tim, the designers head back to New York to duke it out for their place to show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The final four must present three looks to the judges on the runway to see who earns one of the three spots to show at Lincoln Center.
14. Finale, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 2:17 The moment the designers have all been waiting for is here when they must present their collections in front of thousands at the finale fashion show. Whose collections will the audience love? Academy Award-winning actress and Grammy Award singer Jennifer Hudson joins Heidi, Michael and Nina for the final judging of Season 10 to determine who is the last designer on the runway.
15. Season 10: Casting Tape Featurette Get Subtitle Mirror 2 6:51 It's time to cut or be cut! Emmy® Award-nominated Project Runway returns to Lifetime® with a big Season 10. Witness 16 fearless designers as they face many unexpected challenges along with bolts of drama behind the seams and on the runway. Will they have what it takes to dazzle Heidi Klum, mentor Tim Gunn and judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia? More importantly, will the designers win over a LIVE audience at a first-ever runway show in Times Square? Season 10 of Project Runway on Lifetime® premieres on Thursday, July 19th at 9pm ET/PT - but get a sneak peek of who's who NOW!

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Viewer Reviews

  • Sonji

    By courtneimarie

    All I have to say Sonji is a threat to michael kors himself ………….#POW! She's amazing and can't wait to purchase her collection! I'm so happy I did not buy the season pass , because I'm done w/ PJR
  • Believe you're a winner

    By Crazy for the B3

    Just saw the Lord & Taylor challenge. Great episode. I re-learned some good thought concepts on this one. Who knew? Thanks PR! I'm also liking the care-level that's happening between some of the designers. I especially loved Heidi's surprised reactions to Elena's internal dialogue that came out during the judging process. The ending for this challenge almost made me cry. I may not agree with every facet of this show, but its definitely turning out to be a very intriguing & exciting season.
  • LOVE.

    By kevinbillion

    this is by far my favorite reality show. i feel it is done really tastefully. heidi klum and michael kors add the perfect amount of celebrity and fashion presence, and the challenges are always interesting and creative. more over, the contestants are always so talented! i love the suspense and the drama. great television. well made, suspenseful!
  • Great!

    By Audreyspaldog

    I am so excited that this show is back on, and so far this season has been great, and it is really entertaining. I hope that the episodes to follow will be as great as the ones that are on now!
  • The best!

    By Jabulik

    Love, love, love this show!!! I am so glad it's on again! Can't wait to watch the next episode!
  • 👗👠👔🎀

    By Music💜Tokio hotel fan

    The first time I saw it was the finals of season 11 and that was this year & when I saw it was amazing! Like
  • Everything one would expect of Project Runway, and more!

    By embarrasment

    This is going to be an exciting season. There is a lot of talent and, of course, drama!
  • Finally!

    By sivadycart

    Love this show and I am glad they are back!

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