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Hannah Montana, Vol. 3 English Subtitles

Genre: Kids & Family

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  • Release Date: 2012-06-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 15
  • Produced by: Hannah Montana

The seemingly normal teenager Miley Stewart has a secret identity. No, she’s not a superhero…she's the famous teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana! In Volume 3, Miley is heading to high school and it appears someone else knows her secret! Can she continue to rely on wigs and makeup to hide the shocking truth?

Hannah Montana, Vol. 3 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-15

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Me and Rico Down By the School Yard Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 On the first day of high school, Miley receives a text from someone who "knows her secret." Upon discovering who it is, Oliver and Lilly set out to confiscate his evidence.
2. Cuffs Will Keep Us Together Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 Lilly and Miley have a falling out when Lilly doesn't select Miley on her flag football team. In an effort to get the two to reconcile, Oliver handcuffs them together and accidentally loses the key, leaving them bound together as Hannah accepts an award.
3. You Are So Sue-able to Me Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 Miley persuades Lilly to get a complete make-over in preparation for her first date, but when her date stands her up, the girls decide to take him to Teen Court.
4. Get Down, Study-udy-udy Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 Miley's chances of going on her European Tour as Hannah Montana are in jeopardy when her grade in science slips.
5. I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:39 A croaking Miley must undergo an operation to preserve her Hannah career. In a dream before the surgery she's visited by her mother, who reassures her that she will get through it with her friends and family by her side.
6. You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 When Robby grounds a feuding Miley and Jackson, the siblings enlist Lilly and Oliver to pose as them so they can sneak out of the house to enjoy their weekend plans.
7. My Best Friend's Boyfriend Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 When Miley spies Lilly's new boyfriend getting cozy with another girl, she attempts to warn her which results in Lilly accusing her of being jealous.
8. Take This Job and Love It Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 Feeling smothered by Roxy, Miley convinces her to go to work as security for the President only to later realize that Roxy is not just a bodyguard to Hannah, but part of the family too.
9. Achy Jakey Heart, Pt. 1 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 When Jake Ryan wins Miley's affection back, he tells her his real name so they don't have any secrets between them. Feeling guilty about hiding her identity, Miley reveals that she is Hannah Montana.
10. Achy Jakey Heart, Pt. 2 Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 Aware of Miley's secret, Jake disguises himself as a normal guy in order to avoid star-struck fans. But "normal" Jake is impatient and obnoxious, so Miley tries to get him to break up with her and hopes that he will keep her secret.
11. Sleepwalk This Way Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:39 Miley starts sleepwalking in response to lying to her father. Jackson keeps Miley from telling Robby the truth, so Robby will let him have a party.
12. When You Wish You Were the Star Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 When Miley wishes on a shooting star that she was Hannah all the time, her wish comes true and an angel walks her through her new life.
13. I Want You to Want Me...to Go to Florida Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 When a back injury sidelines Robby, he cancels Hannah’s out-of-state charity performance. But, Miley is determined to one up a rival pop star at the benefit so she tricks Roxy into going to Florida with her.
14. Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:40 Miley invites Oliver into Hannah's backstage world which upsets Lilly. Meanwhile, Jackson tricks Rico into thinking he's cursed so he'll be nice.
15. Song Sung Bad Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:39 Miley doctors a recording of Lilly to make it sound good. Meanwhile, Sarah has a crush on Jackson.

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