Hannah Montana, Vol. 7 subtitles

Hannah Montana, Vol. 7 English Subtitles

Genre: Kids & Family

Rated 7 From 271 Ratings

Tv Season Info

  • Release Date: 2012-06-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 13
  • Produced by: Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart is back and ready to kick off her senior year! The family, including her beloved horse, Blue Jeans, and ever-present BFF Lilly, has moved into a new Malibu ranch house. In Volume 7, Miley realizes the sacrifices everyone has made to keep her secret safe and decides it is finally time to expose her identity. After pulling off her wig on a late-night talk show, Miley must learn how to balance her new life as a full-time celebrity with spending time with the people she cares about most.

Hannah Montana, Vol. 7 English Subtitles Download for all Episodes 1-13

Title Downloads D2 Time Description
1. Sweet Home Hannah Montana Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Miley doesn't like her new room, but doesn't know how to tell her dad. Meanwhile, Jackson puts up with the annoying neighbor TJ to get close to TJ's cute cousin Siena.
2. Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Robby fails to register Miley on time for school, so she must wait out an entire semester before she can begin her Senior year. When the Principal makes an exception for Hannah, Miley thinks she's solved her problems.
3. California Screamin Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Miley goes on a mission to find her dad a date and sets him up with Lori, the school nurse. Meanwhile, Jackson is unsure why a model like Siena would actually like him.
4. De-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don't-Don't-Don't Tell My Secret! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 When Siena sees Hannah Montana outside the house, Jackson threatens to tell Siena the secret against Miley's wishes. Meanwhile, Robby uses fishing to get Rico to relax.
5. It's the End of the Jake As We Know It Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Oliver comes to visit Lilly and shows her a picture of Jake cheating on Miley. They try to keep this news from Miley, but when Miley says she wants Jake to come visit, they decide to tell Miley the truth.
6. Been Here All Along Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:09 When Miley finds out that Jesse's father is in Afghanistan fighting the war, she wants to do something nice for the troops – so she puts on a show for kids whose parents are overseas.
7. Love That Lets Go Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Miley tricks Lilly into getting on Blue Jeans, but then Blue Jeans accidentally breaks his leg and may not make it. Meanwhile, Siena wants Jackson to read To Kill A Mockingbird, but he blows it off.
8. Hannah's Gonna Get This Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Miley has writer's block coming up with the song for Hannah's latest album and she ends up writing something that is un-Hannah like. Meanwhile, Rico goads Jackson into trying to grow a mustache.
9. I'll Always Remember You Get Subtitle Mirror 2 49:11 Living a double life gets too complicated when Miley is rejected from admission to college and the paparazzi catch Jesse dating both Miley and Hannah. Miley considers whether or not it's time to finally let the Hannah secret go.
10. Can You See the Real Me? Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:56 Miley gives her first interview to Robin Roberts after revealing her secret.
11. Kiss It Goodbye Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Miley is now faced with living life out in the open as a celebrity. Aunt Dolly arrives to offer words of wisdom and invites both Miley and Robby to perform on her upcoming television special.
12. I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar Get Subtitle Mirror 2 22:41 Mamaw comes out for Miley's high school graduation and learns just how much the reveal of the Hannah secret has invaded Miley's life. During her stay, Mamaw is unable to spend the quality time she had planned with Miley.
13. Wherever I Go Get Subtitle Mirror 2 51:25 Miley and Lilly prepare to go off to college when Miley gets a movie offer that she just can't refuse. Afraid to disappoint Lilly, Miley goes out of her way to try to convince her that her college life would be miserable by living in Miley's shadow.

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Viewer Reviews

  • Hannah Montana is great

    By KbCheetah

    Hannah Montana is great. I love this show so much. I love all of the characters in this show. Miley as Hannah Montana, Lily, Oliver, and Robbie Ray are all of favorite characters in this show. I love how Miley is two different people in this show. I love Mileys boyfriend Jesse in this show. Jesse is really cute. It is one of my all time favorite shows ever.
  • my childhood

    By Courtney ✌️

    going back through all these episodes that i watched as a kid and downloading them for a trip this summer so i can watch them. I might not make it through the episodes with out crying. Everything has changed and I’m so glad that i could grow up watching these types of shows. I miss them very much :)
  • lily’s hair highlights

    By singin27

    can somebody tell me what do you call lily’s highlights. it’s so pretty and it looks like a gold glittered highlights. i love it and I want it.
  • Love this show, even after a decade ;)

    By Jsa1192

    I'm glad Miley decided to do one more season rather than just finishing the show & ending it where it was, she wanted it to have a proper ending which is pretty cool of her tbh! This season had my favorite songs as well (this & season 3) I can't believe it's Hannah Montana's 10th anniversary this year! My how time flies! I'm re-watching it ALL this year! A ton of episodes were just added to on-demand so I've already started haha ;) I'm glad iTunes has every episode though for a decent price, I just wish they didn't split the seasons into Volumes like season 1 is now Vol. 1 & 2, ect. I know it wasn't always like that but it's not that big of a deal I guess... I wish they had complete series's bundles though for people who wanted to buy a whole series at once & save a lil $$$ doing it lol. Also please make EVERY season in HD! Thank you! ^_^
  • I miss it so much

    By Lyssee1

    I loved this show SO much. It reminds me of laying in my bed at my old house late at night, watching it, laughing. ❤ed it.
  • Okay people...

    By WilmaDay

    Miley Cyrus really didn't cut her hair short. That was Pink. I think it will eventually come back.
  • :(

    By Babbysittinggirl

    I didn't like that they don't have it on Disney channle anymore but now I can finally watch it and suite life on deck is on at 3:00am
  • Forever....

    By Lacalina

    Miley is like an amazing person I look up to her and Idc why people think this show was like my favorite show ever I've seen every episode and that last episode is what made me cry :(
  • hate her

    By lovereoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxox

    i really do nt like the shows it is stupid

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