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Genre: Kids & Family

Rated 6.7 From 112 Ratings

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  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y
  • Episodes: 1
  • Produced by: PAW Patrol

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1. Mighty Pups Get Subtitle Mirror 2 43:40

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When their latest scheme goes awry, Mayor Humdinger and his nephew Harold accidentally divert a meteor towards Adventure Bay. The PAW Patrol clear the beach, and the meteor lands bathing them, the Lookout Tower and even sneaky Harold in the meteor’s golden energy - granting them SUPERPOWERS. Harold tries to use his new powers to become the sole ruler of Adventure Bay, but standing in his way are the heroic MIGHTY PUPS, on a roll to super-save the day.

Viewer Reviews

  • Jahmarian

    By jahmarian

    Dorsey Know Hey Hey Did you text text or Hey you can FaceTime Hey I did text Did you just call him and Did you text text Hey did ahdmvmx
  • Abysmal

    By a guy that love cheese

    Paw patrols animation looks like Plastic toys. The characters and story is stupid and illogical.
  • Scan

    By MarkAnley

    I paid £5 and it was only a 29 second clip, total rip off
  • Mighty pups

    By just the squash

    Mighty pups game Is good as a team that would make it fun for us Hansen family
  • Great show

    By omazing Fam

    Need second mighty pups show
  • Seriously

    By Halllaw

    It is a ripoff but it is good for kids to watch
  • 📱 paw patrol

    By maci.f

    It is good for the kids
  • Paw patrol rescue pups

    By Go Go Girls Love

    Once upon a time there was a cat. The cat was a very shy writer on the power of a chore tried to get it. But it was no use how could we get the cat said Marshall. I know said Rocky. Put up your ladder upMarshall and then the catch and then you can get the cat. Great idea send Marshall. Do you think this will work because the cat my jump on me again and scare me you don’t get scared when a cat jumps on you but am I pulled out my ladder and I don’t like when it that happens. Why. Writer said I will get the cat because I have hands. the cat I don’t have to get it myself. Oh baby we getting my catHey it’s the Papa John’s job whenever you need help call us Siri who needs rescuing maps said Michael. I’m sad over I go who is that said chase. Oh crap I cry who is that set of Rocky. What do you like not like this guy he’s always wet because I was crying almost no one likes is crying it’s very annoying. Every Valentine’s Day and cries who who who who writer are you making fun of that man. No. Are you having fun I said Chase. My name is Mr. cool. People call me cry I only cried because I have the storm and I had it for ages since I was a weenie kid you know people call me Mr. cry cry. Besides you who needs rescuing I want to rescue somebody said chase. Chase your please pack you should go work on the road. Marshall your firefighter pup you should go work with the firefighters. What do you go with the truck workers maybe you can help them. Sky don’t you want to go fly with some pilots can I be fun. Oh and you rubble I know you want to go work with some construction workers. Are you on the pups you could stay in the look up if you want or you can go. Pops Pops come back so when is rescuing animals big a meteor a big meteor we need go patrol to the lookout. No cops are you OK. I did you ever sneezed well that media is frozen. Marshall touch the meteor well until I melted it now it’s not frozen.Whoa I’m flying without my wings look at my tools said Rocky and sky. Hi I’m the one who gave you these powers from my media and I can’t take them back. Hey rider hope you will be who she . Hey can I stay with you for a while I just need to eat before I go back into space. I love you bye. I have to go see my space pops. Oh and that’s the end by everybody.
  • Hi

    By u mfnh

    Inbnyorojhuyhui no u Hume BMI u yayabj boys huh

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